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    which are dangerous for good or evil.

    Hi teachers, "which are dangerous for good or evil." in the sentence below is describing "vested interests" or "ideas"? Thanks. "But, soon or late, it is ideas, not vested interests, which aredangerous for good or evil. "
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    Hi teachers, "One example is the release earlier this year of the Galaxy S6 smartphone. It does not seem to be selling much better than its predecessor, which received poor reviews, prompting a fall in Samsung’s market share." Could you explain the "which" in the sentence above is referring to...
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    Dear teachers, In the sentence below, ",which are individual empirically testable conjectures..." is used to describe "hypotheses" or "scientific theories"? Please help me understand. Thank you. "Scientific theories are distinguished from hypotheses, which are individual empirically testable...
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    misfiring mitochondria/mitochondria

    Dear teachers, I came across this article "How a baby can have three parents" on the Economist website. In the sentence below, I find it quite curious that shouldn't "he tiny power plants found in virtually every cell that release energy from food and oxygen" describes misfiring mitochondria...
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    , allowing it to stack up seats ......

    Dear teachers, There is a sentence from the Economist magazine that I do not quite understand. Could you please help me understand its meaning. It is from article:Malaysia’s general election Tawdry victory. "It is further evidence of how the electoral system is skewed in Barisan’s favour...
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    Dear teachers, I came across an article on the economist magazine about skype. "Although all of Skype’s data are encrypted, the chunks that encode silence are smaller than those which encode speech, which allows them to be detected reliably." Could you help me understand the above grammar...
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    both at a national and international

    Dear teachers, I came across this sentence "both at a national and international level" and I am wondering if it is with good grammar? why is it not "both at a national and a international level" or "both at national and international levels" Could you help explain. Thank you.
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    For being.....

    Dear teachers, "Iran executed Majid Jamali Fashi, whom it accused of working for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, and for being behind the killing of an Iranian nuclear scientist on Israel’s behalf. Iranian state media said that Mr Fashi confessed to the crime." Above is a paragraph...
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    Dear teachers, Will it be correct to say, “I turn down many offers, hoping to stay close with my family” Is it correct grammar to say so? If not, please help me correct the sentence. Thank you
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    Dear teachers, If I say, " we are launching a promotion, which is valid until next week, that with a minimum order quantity of 100 units, the product is offered at $10/unit" Is it a correct grammar? If not, please help explain and correct my sentence. Thank you
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    are not even 10% lower in its inland locations than in Shenzhen.

    Dear teachers, "salaries for engineers with a master’s degree are not even 10% lower in its inland locations than in Shenzhen." In the above sentence, does it mean that engineer's with a master's degree from inland is not 10% cheaper than in Shenzhen? Could you help me understand the grammar...
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    by which

    Dear teachers, Could you explain to me why use "by which" in the following sentence? Thank you "Google worried privacy advocates by unveiling a new policy by which it will share users’ data among its websites" Thank you
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    Dear teachers, I was reading the definition of "giddy" from the dictionary. There was a sentence which I found particularly baffling. "Luke felt almost giddy with relief." As far as I understand, giddy means dizzy. How can one be dizzy while feeling relief? Could you help me understand...
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    Dear teachers, Would you please explain why use take to the streets, not took to the streets, since the author uses "saw around" in the beginning? "Moscow’s biggest demonstration yet against a rigged parliamentary election saw around 80,000 people take to the streets on December 24th." Thank you.
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    reverse a decision

    Dear teacher, Please help me understand the sentence below. Does it mean that Japan will reverse its decision and ban weapon-related goods and technologies? or does it mean that it will ease it? "Japan abruptly reversed a 45-year-old policy banning the export of weapons-related goods and...