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    [Vocabulary] big time

    had a baby furniture place. I put them together with the milk carton people and a videocompany. And, remember when all the children were being snatched and it was big time when theywere talking about missing children?We held an afternoon of tape your child and fingerprint them,so that if God...
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    gear into the right bedrock

    can you please what this expression means? gear into the right bedrock "Somebody told me something really great. They said, "Most people fall in love with theirbusiness, instead of falling in love with their customers, or their clients." I want you to give mea compound comment and an...
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    can you please tell me what plug means in this context? "Put in a plug for your prompt shipping service if it is better than average."
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    [General] story query

    " Hi, I'm a writer, and I'm also an expert inthis particular area. And I have something that I'd like to do a story query. "
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    [General] landmark

    Employers are ignoring the dangers of stress at work, according to New Orleans-based management consultants XYZ. Joe Bloggs, XYZ's expert in stress in employment,says, "Almost all the companies we see have no provision for measuring stress levels atwork, despite the recent six-figure landmark...
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    [Idiom] get sb. around the corner

    He did the story and almost immediately the new magazine went to press. In a month they sold 25 for a $5,000 gross profit, paid the bills, salaries, and the rent.Itwas enough to keep the company going until another part of the business sprang to life and got them around the corner.
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    get the ear of

    can you please tell me what "get the ear of" means? He who has distribution has leverage. He who has distribution should revere that distributionas much - if not more - than the generic product or service you've got and the customer you'rereaching. If you've got the ear of every financial...
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    [Idiom] at walk speed

    can you please tell me what "at walk speed" means? " With a profitable back-end you can afford to lose money if necessary on the front-end be-cause your biggest goal is to get a ton of long-term customers whom you can market to indefinitely.Your back-end profits are the leverage you use to...
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    [General] shifts bell

    can you please tell me what shifts bell means? " Also, I mean as a team. You want to try something that is very powerful, very simple. You get a thing called "a liberty bell." It's a shifts bell. You put it in your office. Whenever your team breaks a record, gets a new contract - whatever is...
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    [General] farm out

    can you please tell me what farm out means here? "The goal of essence is so important. It farms out goals. Then the goal is tested against reality,which we'll call feedback, and there's a gap. Then based on the gap, there's natural action. Then thatcreates feedback... and you go around and...
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    [Idiom] get the first crack

    Can you please tell me the sense of this expresion? One was the software they were purchasing in-house. A large expense that software companies don't like is having a field sales force go and do one-day demos. So we partnered with the software vendors to go do the one-day demos in our...
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    can you please tell me what conies means in this context? Companies get big because they practice honesty. Without it, no company canbenefit from referrals, one of the truly great well springs of business success. This priceless corporate asset cannot be purchased. It can only be earned. It...
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    [General] sputter

    can you please tell me what sputter means in this context? If you ever wonder why many small businesses stay small, why they sputter, plug along andnever grow or flourish, you know the reason. The proprietor insists on outfoxing or swindling thecustomers.
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    [General] proxy

    can you please tell me what proxy means in this context? People don't necessarily tell you the thing that is really driving them, especially if it's some-thing they consider somewhat less than noble. For instance, if they are buying prestige, they maynot like you to ask them if they are...
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    [General] metric

    can u please tell me the sense of metric here? That simple philosophy, religiously taken to the "n" degree will produce increases for youin your revenue, in your sales, in your performance, in your profit, in the number and size of thetransactions you do, the number of clients you attract, the...