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    what does "nine-term" mean in this context?

    Hi Could anyone tell me what "nine-term" means in the following context? *********** At the start of 2015, seventy-eight-year-old Henry Rayhons, a nine-term Republican state legislator in Iowa, went on trial for third- degree felony sexual abuse for having sex with his wife of eight years...
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    being cooks & drift away to...

    Hi there, In the following sentence, there are two parts (the underlined) I can’t figure out. Can anyone help me out? Thank you very much in advance. “The Brix of the carrots is 16.9. It’s extraordinarily high number, even as the cooks, being cooks, drifted away to get back to work.”...
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    a personality and a half

    Hi I want to know what the phrase " a personality and a half " means,could anyone kindly help me? Thank you. Here is the context: Kathleen Knowling is the artist who first drew this to my attention. Kathleen is a painter and a subversive rug hooker, who –I believe–is currently 84 years...
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    go-to passwords

    Hi, Could anyone help me with the following sentence? "John had three go-to passwords for that website, that means, it took me only two tries to guess the right one." I don't understand what go-to passwords means? Could someone help me out? Thanks in advance.
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    crisp trousers

    Hi My native language is not English, so, sometimes I just don't get the meaning of some simple words, even after checking up the dictionary. For example, what kind of trousers is the so called "crisp trousers"? I have checked the dictionary and also "google images", but still couldn't figure...
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    quarter-sized salmon sandwich

    Hi Could anyone tell me how big is the quarter-sized salmon sandwich? Here is the context: "She took only a nibble of the quarter-sized salmon sandwich." I have googled and learned that quarter in the phrase "quarter-sized" usually mean the size of the US$ twenty-five cents (am I correct?)...
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    15 Rockefeller Center--> what 15 mean?

    Hi, Could anyone tell me what the number prior to Rockefeller Center (in USA) mean in the following context? Peter looked out the window of his office on the eighteenth floor of 15 Rockefeller Center. I have googled with any possible related terms, but could not find any clue to help me...
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    patronizing laugh

    Hi I am not a English native speaker, so, I don't get what "patronizing laugh"mean even I have checked up a dictionary. I have also checked the YouTube and found a film with title "patronizing laugh", but after watching the baby in the film laugh, I still don't understand what kind of laught...
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    off at college

    Hi there, I don't understand what "off" mean in the following context, could anyone help me out? Thanks a lot. A: Do you have any children? B: I have a son. He is nineteen. A: Off at college? What does "off at college" mean? (To a non English native speaker, sometimes the easiest word...
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    a sparrow egg perched on a duck egg

    Hi Does anyone know what the term in the title mean? I tried to google it, but still don't have any clue. Here is the context: "A serene, almost religious smile lit up the woman's face. Her head tilted happily back, like a sparrow egg perched on a duck egg, she smiled into the sun." Thank...
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    [Vocabulary] double-barrelled , accelerated courses

    Hi Could anyone help me out with the underlined part of the following sentence? Thank you very much in advance. "I probably might just fit in one of those double-barrelled, accelerated courses in elementary German they've rigged up." Here, "German" refers to the language. I have looked up...
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    fill seat in the car

    Hi there, I don't understand the underlined part in the following sentence, could anyone help me out? Thank you very much in advance. "My father says that he was looking at some RVs in the paper the other day to rent for August. He keeps talking about it and lamenting prices and filling...
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    sensible jeans

    Hi, Could anyone tell me what "sensible jeans" is? I have googled, but still didn't get it. Here is the context: "I can tell my older sister doesn't approve of sixteen-year-olds who lie to their parents and wear pink cardigans and sensible jeans to parties." Thank you very much in advance.
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    backhand a tear

    Hi there, Have you heard the term of "backhand a tear"? Could anyone tell me what it means? Thank you very much. Here is the context: John said, "Mary, please don't cry." "I am not crying." Mary said, and then hiccuped a little sob and backhanded a tear that had somehow escaped from her eye.
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    Okie Dodger

    Hi there, I read an article and saw a name for a horse which is Okie Dodger. I'd like to know what "Okie Dodger" mean, but can't find its meaning by googling. Here is the context: A man try to soothe his horses after the stable's on fire. "Anjo, Diva, Little Biscuit, Okie Dodger, Be calm. Be...