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    basic phrases in 7 languages

    thanks a lot for share if you want to add turkish, I can help you
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    Hello I am wanting a pen pal friend I am from Tokyo

    hi people I'm irfan. I also want to improve my verbal english. If you want to talk about English to me, you can add my live messenger. irfanseker @
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    welcome özlem :)
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    Write 10 things that annoy u badly.

    forgetfulness be forgotten boring work and boring boss lost the game lost the bet moneylenders poverty sometimes life
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    Do you believe in rebirth?

    I voted third option on this poll. Im not sure. If I have a change of chose, I would chosen rebirth.
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    I learning English (my diary)

    thanks for suggest I will try it...
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    I learning English (my diary)

    dear diary again me I've studied for to learn English for 3 months. Speaking, reading especially listening... So I watched some Hollywoods films with subtitles in this time. Its work for to speaking. But to writing is very diffucult. I wrote only this text in 30 minutes :-| anyway see you...
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    Present Simple or Progressive?

    This is very old topic but then I want to write somethings. must use 'Think' because this is a model.
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    film music

    film music I wait for your participation on this topic 8-) YouTube - The last of the mohicans (NOT A NATIVE VIDEO)
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    perfect wallpapers

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    True ..or ..False

    false you are a angel...
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    Looking for friends to improve together

    welcome Divya to the form, India like country, and India people is interesting :-) I'm irfan so I want meet you Best Regards...
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    True ..or ..False

    sometimes true, sometimes I hate them You saw in the life of real dinosaur
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    I learning English (my diary)

    thank you, you right I must very study for to learn English...
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    I learning English (my diary)

    Hello my diary I want learning English, so My first day on (yesterday- 9 March 2009) I joined English gramers cites, and I started writing forms. I met myself others members I wrote some topics. the second day I joined some games in this forms (staily games or which games)...