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    Idiom: Raining Frogs

    I have read that the UK has more tornadoes than the USA. It is not uncommon for parts of the UK to have a water spout that picks up fish, frogs and other small animals and dump them where ever the storm pleases. That is where the phrase raining 'cats and dogs' came from. It is not a far...
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    Idiom Game

    im starting with : a bit much , and im helpin the next person out by putting the 2nd one too!! A bit much ... 'H' Hell and high water wait for no man! next person starts the idiom with 'n'
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    Idiom Game

    actually you're only supposed to use the last letter in the sentance.. in this case 'e" Eat your heart out... the next person goes with 't' example 'tie the knot' but that is a 't' again ... so you can see I am not too good at this. here in Japan it is called 'shi-ri-to-ri' and it is a...
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    area outside the communication range

    I agree I got "the cellular customer you are trying to reach is unavailable." when in canada. here in Japan .. I get .." bla bla bla .. bla bla bla" .. can't understand a thing... Maybe you are using Docomo.. they have a fairly solid English service. About 4 years ago I help them...
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    Yak-ke-tee-yak stress on the Yak and tee and ta-tel-tale stress on the tel (sometiems equal stress on the ta-tel portion)
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    precarious sleeping

    verb.... carefully sleeping... sleeping dangerously....
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    American Pronunciation

    Actually here in Japan Mc Donalds released theit global commercial and it clearly stated "I'm lonin' it!". Of couse this has caught on and has become the norm...
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    British English Help!!!

    What on earth is an "off-license" ??? Iron Monger? green grocer??? Is there a black grocer? or a purple grocer? I understand a "chemist" sell medicine.. but he doesn't make it.. he only distributes it.... This is wacky stuff for me..... :shock: