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    [Vocabulary] streaming down

    "The blood was streaming down his chin". I heard this sentence in a movie. The guy was talking about a wound someone had got on the face during a fight. I wonder if the "streaming down" usage is 100% common and usual in this context, or was it some poetic licence used in the film. Would "the...
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    as time passes

    Hi, 1) As time passes, I get older and older. I’ve just learned to say “as time passes”. I was to taught to say “as time goes by”. Do they mean the very same? Can I use it whenever I want or is it “foreign” English? 2) And when she passes, each one she passes goes - ah... That's what the...
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    [Vocabulary] TO COG

    Hi, Could someone explain the meaning of COG in the following sentence, please? ... the remote controlled helicopter wouldn't spool up. It cogged really badly for a bunch of tries and finally started up. The dictionary says it is "a small gearwheel", but it seems it's been used as "got stuck"...
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    raise and rise - noun

    Hi, I know there are many threads about this subject, but I couldn’t find any that explained the use of those words as a noun. The dictionary suggests either can be used in the following context, but I’d like to double check, please: A raise/rise in sea level. A raise/rise in temperature. A...
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    [Vocabulary] snag?

    hi, i heard this verb in an american tv show meaning "being unable to move/run/slide freely". context: the guy was trying to cover an object with a piece of cloth. the cloth was supposed to fit the object perfectly, with no slack or bare areas. the object had a difficult shape, tough, with...
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    secure, fasten, attach

    hi, the airplane seat is firmly secured to the ground. the wallpaper was loosening and would come down shortly. so, i used some CA glue to secure it firmly to the wall. i wonder if i can use "secure" as "fasten" or "attach", please. or, should it be used only to mean "safe"? thanks a lot.
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    [Vocabulary] slower wind

    hi, what would be the antonym for "stronger" in the following sentence, please: the wind now is stronger than it was a few minutes ago. thanks a lot.
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    go past

    hi, I'd like to know is the following usage for ''go past'' is correct, please. when I look at the graph after measuring the ... , I see many spikes and valleys. as I slide the finger on the "x" axis on the graph, I get different values depending on the spike or valley the finger is going...
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    Are there stores down there? One is at the top of an escalator and wants to know if he can find stores at the lower level. Is this question right, please? How would a native say it, please? Thanks.
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    leaving something not open

    I hate when you leave the toothpaste tube open. Please, _______ it when you're finished. Please ______ the soda bottle or the gas will escape completely (need help with this sentence). Hi, What's the best verb here? "Close"? "Plug"? Thanks.
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    how to say it, please?

    Dear Sir, I'm happy we're finally understanding each other. Dear Sir, I'm happy we're finally coming to an understanding of the situation. Hi, How do I say it, please? Thanks.
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    you've poisoned me againt her

    Hi, Does this sentence make sense in English, please? 'A' likes to tell 'B' bad things about 'C'. 'B' considers 'C' a good person but he's getting influenced by what 'A' says. 'B' is starting to see 'C' differently because of 'A'. Can 'B' say: "Please, stop talking about 'C'. You're...
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    is it fine, please?

    I can't find the license CODE (but only the license ID and the USER NAME) on the tab "licenses" of the software "X" installed in my old computer. Thanks.
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    something missing?

    Passengers told CNN that they were not informed, and that the only indication of a problem was that an announcement for a doctor was made during the flight. "I haven't heard anything." passenger Chris Balchuas, from Houston, Texas, told reporters after the flight. "They just said there was a...
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    "follow the method"

    You should follow the method in order not to make mistakes. Hi, Is this expression good English, please? Thanks.