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    whilst or while?

    Thank you. I didn't know it was that complicated, but I understand now.
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    "Head for gear"

    Thank you. When it's told you, it looks very obvious, actually.
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    whilst or while?

    So: "He was eating a hamburger while driving in his car" is American English, and "He was eating a hamburger whilst driving in his car" is British English?
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    Grow apart

    May I ask what becoming mature has to do with grow apart?
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    British English or American accent?

    I think it's true. Unless you go to countries in the Mid-East. This because of the promisses England made during WWII. I have absolutely no experience with this, so correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Which is it?

    But in titles you often use: "the English Language". Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    bare one's fangs

    bear market (plural bear markets) (finance) A stock market where a majority of investors are selling ("bears"), causing overall stock prices to drop.
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    "Head for gear"

    In Gang of Gin, a song by the Babyshambles, the lyrics say: "she was getting pally with the scally in the alley, giving head for gear" I understand the first part: "She was becoming friends with a scally in the alley". But what do they mean by: "Head for gear"? Thanks in advance.