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    :shock:hi, who can explain "translationee"? many thanks..;-)
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    100 millionths of a biliionth of a second

    "Each pulse lasted a mere 100 millionths of a billionth of a second." How long is "100 millionths of a biliionth of a second"? many thanks.;-)
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    what's the meaning?

    sorry, the secend sentence should be ....though he was happy in his parents' and had exceptional power of obeservation,divination, and story-telling.......
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    what's the meaning?

    1. The relation between parent and child has cruel moments for the parent even when money is no object, and the material worries are delegated to servants and school teachers... 2. ...though he was happy in his parents' and exceptional powers of observation, divination, and...
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    a question about "involve"

    Thanks, Anglika.
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    a question about "involve"

    "This position involves in reporting directly to the Managing Director........." Dos"in" need here? When should we combine "involve" with "in", when not? many thanks..............:shock:
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    -- Henry Kissinger

    "University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small." -- Henry Kissinger Could anyone explain this quotation for me? many thanks..:shock:
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    incriminating details

    "The aggregate of incriminating details unmistakably points towards a conviction," said the prosecuting attorney. what does incriminating herein means? many many thanks........:roll:
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    deposit in the mail

    It shall be deemed given upon personal delivery, five (5) days after deposit in the mail........ What does deposit in the mail herein mean? many thanks;-)
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    The word "face" may be a pretty generic word, but it has several high-flown synonyms. What is a high-flown synonym? Many thanks.:-?
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    the sense had all but

    "Wrangle" was used with the meaning "to obtain by arguing or bargaining" as early as 1624, long before "wangle" appeared in the language. The sense had all but disappeared until recent decades, however, and its revival may very well have been influenced by "wangle." The sense had all...
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    end up

    My impecunious uncle, who could not afford to buy his own books, usually ended up borrowing mine. What does end up herein mean? Many thanks...:shock:
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    we live.........

    Hi, Raymott. Thank you for your valuable post. I believe that you are a good teacher. The sentence should be like this "We live as we dream - alone." I remember it now;-). Thanks anyway.
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    How long?

    how long would we have to wait still? not a teacher
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    we live.........

    we live, as we dream-alone anyone can explain this sentence for me? many thanks.............