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    [Grammar] allow someone (to) do

    NY engineer admits letting passenger drive - Cabrera admitted allowing passenger William Kutsch drive a train carrying nearly 400 riders during rush hour in July 2009. The train at times traveled at speeds of up to 80 mph. ---------------------------------- My question is...
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    [Vocabulary] hence

    Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to a political prisoner is a declaration that the imprisonment is illegitimate and hence the regime which carries out such a misrule is illegitimate. -------------------------------------- My question is, in the above sentence, can is illegitimate be omitted...
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    [Grammar] having had the answer ready/having the answer ready

    It is necessary to be prepared for a job interview. _______ the answer ready will be of great help. a--- To have had b--- Having had c--- Having I chose c, but the supposedly right one is b. What do you think of each of the three? Thank you.
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    [Vocabulary] give it a spin

    Someone tells me that he called a person several times and could not reach him. If I want to ask him to try again, can I say: Give it a spin again now.
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    [Grammar] inconvenience the Democrats by dying

    Robert Byrd inconvenienced the Democrats by dying. ------------------------------------------------------ I bet it is good English, for I heard a native speaker say that on Radio. My question is: can we say 'Robert Byrd inconvenienced the Democrats with his death' to mean the same? Thank you.
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    [Vocabulary] pronunciation of 'mentor'

    Does it sound normal if someone pronounces the word 'mentor' as 'men-t-or' ( even like 'men-tour' )rather than 'men-ter'? I heard talk show host Delilah Rene Luke say like that in her show. Thank you.
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    [General] news talk

    When we pronounce the phrase 'news talk', do we change [z] sound in 'news' to [s] sound? Thank you.
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    [Vocabulary] link to/link with

    Am I right in making the following sentences? 1----The police linked John to the robbery. 2----The police linked John with the robbery. 3----A railway links New York to Florida. 4----A railway links New York with Florida. Thank you.
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    [General] Lori Berenson's letter

    With protesters gathering daily outside her Lima apartment building, lighting candles and demanding that she be deported from Peru, Berenson sent a letter to President Garcia admitting her "criminal responsibility for terrorist collaboration" and further writing “I would also like to say that I...
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    [Vocabulary] sweep

    Her husband, George Wallace, persistently lied to the press about her condition, claiming in April 1968 that "she has won the fight" against cancer. He continued to make campaign stops nationwide during her last weeks of life, but her doctors warned him she was in unstable condition on May 5...
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    [Grammar] be reserved with black ribbons

    City officials in Montgomery and Detroit announced on October 27, 2005 that the front seats of their city buses would be reserved with black ribbons in honor of Rosa Parks until her funeral. ----------------------------------------------- I want to know what it exactly means. Could passengers...
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    [Vocabulary] He's a little nuts.

    He's a little nuts. How do we interpret the sentence? 'Nuts' is a noun here?
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    [Vocabulary] me neither/me either

    ---He did not vote for her. ---Me neither. / Me either. To mean I did not vote for her either, are both answers acceptable, although they are informal English? By the way, we can't say 'me too' in the given context, can we? Thank you.
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    [Vocabulary] film a moive

    Do we use the phrase 'film a movie' to mean 'shoot a movie' ? Thank you.
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    [General] the

    Our apartment complex is committed to providing excellent services for the current and future tenants. ------------------------------------------- Do you think 'the' is necessary here, or it is ok both ways? Thank you.