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  • Hello, thanks for your useful thorough comment on my post! May I ask you one more question: is there any difference between 'to lend money' and 'to loan money'?
    for example: 'The bank lends/ loans money'.
    Thank you
    Hello, I hope you are doing good.
    Please enlighten us with your views on my post on Neutral and Neutralized Accent.
    I can't think of a difference other than KIDnapping used to mean children, and implies a ransom note. I've never heard of being "kidnapped by aliens" for example, always "abducted" - I think it's because you don't expect a ransom demand from Mars.

    I would say that abducted is always correct for adults, and for people of any age without ransom.
    I have posted a request on a comprehensive difference between abduction and kidnapping... Did not get a clear answer. Do you have a good answer?

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