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    exam questions

    I just went through a important test in my school days, but I'm not quite sure if I've got some of the questions right. Would you please check my answers? Thanks very much! :-) 1. If you explained the situation to your solicitor, he D able to advice you much better than I can. A. would be...
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    worthy of a free people?

    I think I do understand this pattern: sth./sb. +be+worthy of+something(not somebody) e.g. 1)You're worthy of a loan. (You deserve a loan. ) 2)The idea is worthy of consideration. (The idea deserves consideraton. ) 3)He was worthy of her. (He deserved her. ) I have no trouble...
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    troll in a forum?

    Just to clear up, I'm not here trying to troll. I saw this sentence in a forum discussion. And I don't understand what it is to "troll"? Could you define this word in this specific online-discussion context? (It means, "to put up numerous meaningless posts within a short time"?) Thanks for...
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    one confusing part from "The Terminal"

    Amelia Warren: ...(sobing)You know the worst part of it? I never asked him to leave his wife. I was encouraged him to get counseling...I'm rooting for the home team. I just wish the sex wasn't so amazing...You know, sometimes in the mornings, I just stare at him over room service. Watch him do...
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    vocabulary questions

    1.For thirty years it had been a rough-and-tumble litigation firm, but as Josh approached sixty he spent less time in the courtroom and more time behind his cluttered desk. "Clustered desk" is a desk with a lot of things lying untidily. Am I close? And, what's "rough and tumble"? 2. Of the...
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    recommended students?

    I'd like to explain something first to make myself clear. In China, if you want to go to graduate school, you will have to take a set of entrance academic tests and meet certain standards. But if you've achieved a desirable performance in your undergraduate period, you could become graduate...
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    bring them on

    Bush, when talking about the insurgence present in Iraq, said that, "They feel like if they attack us, that we may decide to leave...they feel like the conditions are such...that they can attack us there. My answer is, bring them on". "Them" there refers to terrorist attacks, right? I think...
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    a model professional

    He's a model professional. 1)He works as a fashion model. 2)He's a professional(though we're not sure of what exactly he does for a living), and he's outstanding in his working field(like, "he's a model student") Which way to understand the sentence is correct? I'm so confused. Is it an...
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    old-fashioned words

    I often come across "old-fashioned" words in dictionaries. Not knowing "how old" they are--that is, to what degree they are acceptable to native-speakers--I'm not sure what to do with them (Should I memorize those possibly out-dated words or should I just not bother to deal with them?) Maybe it...
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    go beyond sb.

    The sexually charged promo goes way beyond Owens, however. Reaction has ranged from amusement to anger. From the context, I understand that Owens is in the promo. But why did the promo go beyond him? Is it referring to the reaction from others? Thanks. :-D
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    then=than, where=were?

    I''ve observed a website where 'then' is all used as 'than', 'where' as 'were'. However, they('then' and 'where') are also used in their normal contexts. It's updated on a daily basis, so I don't ascribed them to spelling mistakes. The writer is claimed to be from a US city called 'San Dimas'...
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    There's more to eating than just bodily needs. Does it say that eating is more than just bodily needs? I'm not familiar with this "there" pattern. Would you give me some more examples about it? Thanks very much! :-D
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    offend & abuse

    In a forum guidelines, I saw: Try not to offend other users of the board. (avoid using swearwords etc.) Try not to abuse other users of the board. And please don't create an abusive thread on the board. I don't see a major difference between "offend" and "abuse", which makes me believe...
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    emotionally unstable?

    Suppose there is a man, who doesn't take his relationships seriously. He may say "I love you" to a woman after he said the same thing to another in the previous day. He could easily "fall in love" with any good women he encounters. Women won't have a sense of security with this type of men. I...
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    Are the hyphens correctly used?

    It seems to me that the use of hyphens is only confined to native-speakers. However, I "accidentally" turned to use them every now and then when writing, though I'm not sure if I've got them right. Would you please check them for me? Thanks very much. :-D 1. She was always one of classic...