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    Ask about a few sentences?

    could someone help me with my englsih
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    Ask about a few sentences?

    hello how are you
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    Animal idioms

    hellow english student, i would like to know if u could send me more of those idioms
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    Word stress

    hellow mr richard, i have heard your audio tracks, they're nice.. and i wonder if i could have your email. 'cause you know im leaning english and i need to improve it
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    Monolingual or bilingual dictionary?

    english language. im desesperated 'cause my english is not so good. how can i improve it
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    Monolingual or bilingual dictionary?

    hello bock. this is jose im from el salvador and im learning english here, but you know here is very difficul to learn it so i decided to ask for your help.. can you? im having problems in the uses of wish.. if you know saomething please send theinfo to me.. bye take care
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    Recommended Online TEFL programs

    hello stilo how are you. i'm from el salvador.. hey im learning english here but i need helt too.. could you do it? this is my e-mail: i hope you to answer me soon.. bye take care.. all the best
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    Recommended Online TEFL programs

    hello is any body there who would like to help me with my english 'cause i think its terrible
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    hellow teacher! this is my first time i write to you, tha't why i'ld like to know your name. i'm from el salvador. i don't know if you know here or not.. well, i don't understand what does it mean take cover.. and many idioms with TAKE. i'm confused because i'm being taught tyhat in the...