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    Euthanasia and euthanisation

    I just would like to clarify because I know they both are nouns in the same meaning. Google news used "euthanasia" but another article used "euthanisation"
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    Euthanasia and euthanisation

    "Although some people campaign for the right to euthanasia, it is still illegal in most countries." The above sentence is excerpted from Cambridge online dictionary. Can I replace "euthanasia" by "euthanisation"?
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    I've got it i got it, I get it

    Amy said, "Do you understand what I mean, Tom?" Tom replied, "I get it." 1. Can I use "I got it", and "I've got it" to replace "I get it"? 2. What are the differences in usage among the above 3 answers?
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    The quarantined can leave the quarantine camp

    Can I call those people who were put in quarantine as "the quarantined"? Eg. The quarantined can leave the quarantine camp and go home today.
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    On a distance

    I quoted this writing from Google News which was discussing about the disadvantages of online classes.
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    On a distance

    It might mean that it's not an effective mean of teaching if they are not in person classes.
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    On a distance

    "Effective teaching relies on deep connection with the kids and that doesn't happen from a distance." What does it mean of "from a distance" in the above sentences?
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    Creased and wrinkled

    1. If you flip the pages so hard, the pages will be creased. 2. If you flip the pages so hard, the pages will he wrinkled. Are the above sentences correct? Thanks.
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    How many score did you get from the exam?

    I want to use the word 'score' to ask for the result of an exam. Can I say, 'How many score did you get from the exam?" Thanks.
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    Feeling and feelings

    May I ask the differences between 'feeling' and 'feelings'? Thank you.
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    Anytime and any time

    I. I can go at any time tomorrow. 2. I can go anytime tomorrow. Do the above sentences mean the same and grammatically correct?
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    I and me

    1. I and May are playing. 2. May and I are playing. 3. Me and May are playing. 4. May and me are playing. Sentence 3 and 4 are grammatically wrong. Am I right?
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    His handwriting is very poor that I can't read. Can I say: His handwriting is "awful or careless or illegible or scratchy or sloppy or scribbled"?
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    Queen Elizabeth II

    Should I read "Queen Elizabeth II" as "Queen Elizabeth the second" or "Queen Elizabeth two"?
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    Is named or named

    I want to introduce Bob to my friends. Besides "His name is Bob.", are the following expressions correct? 1. He called Bob. 2. He is called Bob. 3. He named Bob. 4. He is named Bob.