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  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my nice gf:):-D
    Study and study, Like me:roll: I wasn't here for a week (I think). I just come and check my messages (If I have;-)). I'm good and what about u? Is every thing Ok 4 u?
    Take good care too:):cool:
    Hi nice julianna:-D
    I'm fine thank you:) What about you?:cool:
    I really love Shakira, She is really really amazing.
    My favorite songs?! I can not tell you because I need two hours for writing them. Just some songs like: Frozen, Prayer (Madonna)
    Halo, If I were a boy ( Beyonce) Hurt, Beautiful,Voice within (Christina) Automatic, Monsoon, pain of love, Forgotten children (Tokio hotel)
    And many many songs by my favorite singers. What about you?
    Hi sweety:-D
    Yes I like Avril too, No I don't mean Miley is not pretty, She is pretty girl but I...!
    Anyway, Tokio hotel is the rock band from German with four boys,Bill and Tom Kaulitz are twins and if you want more explain go to www.Tokio hotel music.com or www.Tokio hotel new news.com
    I love many singers like: Madonna(She is my idol)8-):-D, Celen dion, Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney spears, U2, Evansence,Tokio hote (specially Bill;-):-D8-)) Christina Aguilera, and many others8-) What about you?
    Hi pretty Girl:)
    THK for giving me your MSN:-D And this is my MSN : momo_sami@yahoo.com
    I like her just for watching her movie or sometimes listen to her music, My sister hates her, I think she is a bit selfish and chilish:roll: Anyway, She is Miley Cyrus and you love her:):cool: Do you know tokio hotel ( It's German rock band) I love them, Especially Bill:cool::-D
    Hi julianna:)
    Are you better than some days ago?:cool::) I wish you will be:)
    I asked you a question about that your Avatar looks like MILEY CYRUS (If you know her!) This Avatar is you or she?;-)

    Nice day
    you're most most welcome ! I every holiday beg my father to drive us to Turkey !! I do like it !!
    hii armeen, i am doing well, thank you so so much for asking about me!! what about you? i guess fine,right? and i wish so!!!
    take care of your self!! C ya..
    hiii, i am fine, what about you? i just don't find a time to get on the net, am really busy with my studies...
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    :cool: :-D :shock:
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    Thank you,

    PROESL Steve

    :) :cool:
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