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    Hi, guys! A non-English native speakerwho need syour help with my essay. Thank you!

    Question (from IELTS): Some people think the high sales of products reflect the power of advertising instead of the consumers' demand. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (I guess accuracy needs improving and I need tips on how to formulate supporting materials to this argument since I...
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    [Essay] Please come in~

    My View on Dual Degrees To date, a ballooning number of undergraduates have taken a keen interest in reading for dual degrees. In other words, an English major can also major in economics and other course works. There are several factors accounting for such a prevailing phenomenon...
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    [Essay] Get it right!?

    Fairly recently,many new college grads begin to look forward to working at a stable job,such as a teacher or a civil servant, which has triggerd a heated discussion. Some people hold out that a stable job confers several advantages.Bringing a steady paycheck home at the end of each...
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    [Essay] bad work

    This is a short essay I wrote today ,without enough supporting evidence for the argument. Please Be Punctual With the advent of the era of the knowledge economy,time is measured not by day or hour ,but by second. However,many young people in our society tend to...
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    [Essay] Help!

    hi,guys.could I get you a second ?I have a short essay wanting your correction.I'm not satisfied with the diction and coherence.Thank you all~ as follows: My View on the Post-graduate Craze Most recently,the post-graduate craze is sweeping Australia,in...