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    at Seller's facilities

    Hi everyone, There is this phrase that often appears in contracts, "at Seller's facilities", and I don't understand what it means. Can anyone give it an explanation? Thanks alot. Here I pick some context: a: All orders for Products shall be subject to acceptance by Seller at Seller's...
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    [General] what else

    Hi all, My question is, can "what else" be followed by a noun, like: What else food do we have? What else places can we go? If this is uncommon, how do I say something like this? Thanks in advance.
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    My get up and go got up and went

    Hi, I was surfing the Internet and came accross a phrase saying "My get up and go got up and went". I think it is interesting but I just can't understand the meaning of "got up". Shouldn't "got up" mean "got higher"? Why isn't it "got down"? Thanks in advance.
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    past tense or present tense

    Hi everyone, In a sentence on fiction, if we say something that we know definitely doesn't exist in reality, should we use past tense or present tense? Here is an example: Is there any filter that can keep my mind clean? We know that there is no such a filter that can do this, so should I...
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    What is salvage dealers?

    Hi, Please read sentences below: a: We provides products and services for Auto, Hydraulic, Farm, and Construction Equipment parts and salvage dealers. b: If you are an end user looking for a parts supplier please view our listing of salvage companies at My question is...
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    I hear the wind call your name

    Hi everyone, Here is a sentence from the lyrics of Bryan Adams's song "I will always return": I hear the wind call your name.... I wonder why isn't it "I hear the wind calls your name"? And is there other examples like this? Thanks in advance
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    wave's carry voices from you

    Hi, It's a lyrics from MLTR's song "someday": Try to throw the picture out of my mind try to leave the memories behind Here by the ocean wave's carry voices from you Do you know the truth I am thinking of you too I don't know what "wave's" presents in here. I think it would make sense if...
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    what words can i use for this sentence?

    Hi, I want to say a sentence like this: Making it happen is better than waiting for it to happen. But I'd like to say this in another way, that is: Waiting for it to happen______making it happen. So, what words can I use in the place of the underline? Or, how should I say this sentence...
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    out of one's league

    when someone is saying "i am out of your league", is she/he actually trying to say "you are not good enough for me" something like that, or it might be that she/he is just saying "we are not the same type"? thanks for answering my question.
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    with current membership

    The Fiber Society was founded in 1941 with current membership at 500 strong. in the sentence above, "with current membership" means the Society is a member of 500 strong, or the Society has members that are among 500 strong? thanks in advance.
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    what does this mean

    i read a sentence like this: it must not be A, and contain B. i feel confused that the complete expression for this sentence is "it must not be A, and must not contain B" or " it must not be A, and must contain B"? please help me. thanks.
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    My special guest will be Ira Sponsible, a noted expert on ethics responsibilities. is Ira Sponsible is a person's name here? i think Sponsible doesnt sound like a surname. but i didnt found it in dictionary also. is there any chance that sponsible means responsible, i.e. responsible person Ira?
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    check out

    check out e-Bay this means shopping on e-Bay or just browsing on e-Bay?
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    what does "great" mean

    here it's the sentence: i had a great meeting with Global company yesterday. i think "great" in here might mean "important". but it's also possilbe it means the meeting is success, like we often say: i had a great day yesterday. so which one is correct?
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    here is the sentence: Please order a ton of the following office supplies, because we're always running out. is it the same meaning with or without word "always" in this sentence? i have two understandings about this: 1. we're almost running out of office supplies. 2. we will be running out...