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    [General] at walking distance

    Hello teachers, I have a question regarding the use of the term noted in the title. Is it correct to say 'The main attractions are accessible on foot at walking distance' I wonder if "accessible on foot" is redundant? or the phrase is OK? Thank you.
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    law and legislation

    Hello teachers, Could you tell me if these two terms, mentionned in the title are interchangeable? I wonder if there's a situation where one term is more suitable than the other? Could you give me an example if it is so? Thanks
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    holidays imposition

    Hello teachers, I have a question regarding the title. Could I use this term to describe a situation where a boss demanded his employees to take leave on certain dates without their consent? I wonder if there's a specific term for this phenomenon? Please advise, Thank you
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    English counterpart

    Hi what about this, "You have to take the good with the bad" Hope this helps
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    True ..or ..False

    :roll: Jupiter has twenty moons
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    Spelling game

    You should take care of your parents I don want to si him anymor.
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    True ..or ..False

    NOOOOOO!!!. The sun is the smallest star in the galaxy