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    Meaning of Locator

    Dear Teachers , please when we talk about Arlines and reservations , what is it meant by Locator ?
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    devastated state

    Dear Teachers hope you are ok , Please what expressions other than broken-heart could be used to descrbie the state of someone after having a broken -up love relationship. For example, can i say : i met her and she was in a devastated state. thanks indeed
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    LEARN Vs teach

    Dear Teachers, please could i use the vervs learn & teach interchangably , for example: i start learning or teaching her how to perform this task. he learns or teaches Maths and Biology. thanks indeed.
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    lapse away and pass over

    Dear Teachers hope you are ok, - I just wonder if the verb lapse away has the same mening of miss out. we missed out the deadline( we lapsed away the deadline). they pass over their interest to submitt their offer. what is meant by pass over here ? ignore or avoid thanks indeed.
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    the other way around

    Dear Teachers, what is meant by the other way around ? could anybody explain it with an example please thanks indeed
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    Murphys Law

    Yes it 's ok now , i got it :oops: thank u snowcake.
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    Murphys Law

    Dear Snowcake, thanks for your answer. My problem with this sentence is that when i try translating it to my native language( Arabic) , it doesn't make any sense ! :).
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    the position of almost

    hi ( i'm not a teacher) I think such adverbs like almost , already, always , and usually come infront of the main verb and after the auxiliary verb .For examply; I usually come here at 9:00. He is always asking me such good questions. he has already left .
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    Murphys Law

    Dear Teachers, While reading an article about Murphys Law, i just found some expressions unclear to me : You're sitting in eight lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Idiom : Welcome to the aggravating world of Murphy's Law. This idiom says that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. And it...
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    using twice as

    Dear Techers , please correct my sentences : now i have to spend twice as much time as i used to spend before. our new shpo now is twice as big as ( than) it was before. i'm offered now twice as much salary as i was paid when i came here. thanks in addvance
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    asking about probability and percentage

    Dear Teachers , please are the forms of questions below are correct and used ; what is the probability that you will successed in this course? how probable is it that you will successed in this course ? what (is ) (the) percentage of people living in ( on ) the border line?
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    Cooking vocabulary

    Re: Cooking vocabular rare half-done well-done
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    delay of payment

    Thanks Todol, i'm speaking
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    delay of payment

    Dear Teachers, if i was supposed to pay someone a due amount of money and i don't have them all for the time being, could apologize for him in this way : execuse me , could i pay you now a partial payment and the ( remainig, reminder, left) will be( paid , setteled ) once i have them ...
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    Plastic Surgery of scars

    Dear Teachers, please correct my sentences below: Because of my two scars (in or in or...?) my forehaed.Therefore, i'm trying to find the proper way to ( remove them or to restore my skin or ?) thanks indeed