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    [General] doubt in the sentence

    Hi Can anyone tell me the sentence i have given below is correct or not? I have called Tina and she told me if we can get an AC for her it will be a big help for her. Also I have mentioned the groceries she had mentioned Coriander powder, Chilly powder etc..
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    [General] doubt in the sentence

    I have to send a mail to a concerned person regarding one guy's health issue. Please let me know the sentence I have given below is correct or not? Due to stomach pain Rex will not come to office today. If he feels any relief he will be coming to office in the afternoon.
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    please correct this sentences I have kept the CD under the table or I had kept the CD under the table
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    [Grammar] correction

    which is correct? Did you buy any vegetable from that market? or Did you bought any vegetables from that market?
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    how could I know the contractions

    can any one tell me how contraction work At home when he's finished eating, he goes into the kitchen and washes up his plates. in this sentence the contraction is he has but most of the time my guess will be wrong. Is there any lessons in for contraction? Please help me.Due...
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    [Grammar] sent and had send

    which sentence is correct I sent a mail to Ryan or I had send a mail to Ryan
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    meaning of Ain't

    what does this sentence meant by Ain't there no way?
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    meaning of the sentece

    Can anyone say what this sentence meant by 'Do you understand what he's on about?'
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    [Grammar] doubt

    which correct? 1. I have left my mobile in our kitchen. Can you please bring it to me 2. I had left my mobile in the kitchen. Can you please get it for me
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    [General] correction

    please read the sentence below and let me know what is 'start off' meant by He started off at me again simply because I had forgotten to lock the back door after I came home.
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    [Grammar] correctioin

    please correct this sentence I haven't given Ryan's salary yet.
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    [Grammar] please correct

    Hi all, please correct these sentence why are you telling sorry to me?
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    [Essay] which is correct?

    Hi all, please correct this setence where did you send the message? or where have you send the message?
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    sentence correction

    Hi all please correct this sentence Did you finish the work i had given?
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    sentece correction

    HI all, please correct the sentence How many message i had assigned you to send to New York?