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    Enlish names

    You can have middle name because of other reasons too. Have a look at some royalty :-).
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    Why not "go to home"?

    And have you tried making huge posters on right: go to ...(and couple of examples), on left: go home, go south, go abroad ? Maybe they will get it intuitively?
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    teaching english

    And why do you focus so much on grammar?
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    what is a unconjugated verb?

    Sorry, my mistake. But with finite and infinite verbs I am right. :D BTW, among so many languages, only English adds "in" to "flexion"... Yes, off topick, and so what. Still about conjugation.
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    Why not "go to home"?

    Well, maybe it would be advisable to present them parts of the speech. This could help them a lot. Why don't you compair English with Thai? If they are not advanced enough to learn it in English, it would be easy in Thai.
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    what is a unconjugated verb?

    Are they? Conjugation refers to personal forms I, you, he, she it, we, you, they. "took", and "taken" are temporal forms (tempus forms?) - it is not flexion. :-? ---- Then, one should distinguish: finite and infinite verb form. What do you think?
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    What is the past tense of 'Will'?

    I can add that while in German you do have past form from "werden" (wurde), in works differently that English "would". And it is English form of "Will" that has changed its meaning.
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    Pronunciation of 'often'

    Could a British man write something? I got confused... :-(
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    To have a special accent or to speak fluently

    This is very true. Although, in many countries people speak very fluently as long as their confidence and vocabulary is concerned, but they don't have any type of ENglish speaking country pronunciation. Dear, Shakespeare, why don't you wait and let it go. You will gain it while learning.
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    what is a unconjugated verb?

    So, modal verbs: can, must, should (can you think of any other?) do not have infinite form. BTW, in Polish we have no infinite form for "powinno się" an equivalent for "should". All the others exsist.
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    animal farm

    Sorry, I thought Pelopida referred to the global society. That we all tend to forget about important publications. Just like Orwell's. I loved "the 1984". I've heard it was forbidden in Poland before 1989 (socialistic regime). My father told me his literature teacher lent one exemplar to his...
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    what is a unconjugated verb?

    in ENglish it is difficult to explain conjugation as the word doesn't change in it. I would say: "(to) take" is as unconjugated as any other. A conjugated form would be then: "(I, you,...) take". But without marking the person you can't say what it is. There is no infinitive for "can". Or maybe...
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    animal farm

    But why did you mention it at all?
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    why do you study english

    Exchange Chinese with Polish and this is my answer. But I must agree, this is just great to be able to communicate with people. And English is pretty easy and already spread anough, that it is the simplest way to worldwide communication. It's no use to consider why English.
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    Questions for the word 'Kathedra'

    In Poland at universities we also have units of the Departments called Kathedrals. Yes, it means then a team of people who work at the university in one specific area. Another meaning of the word "katedra" is a tribune (furniture) from which speeches are given (also lectures).