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    [General] second only to

    dear teachers: please explain: Second only to thanks
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    [General] Stackholders

    Dear Teachers: please explain If you want to run the coalition government you have to take all the atckholders on board > thanks
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    [General] Tantalizingly

    Dear Teacher , Please explain. What does tantalizingly mean? The match is tantalizingly poised thanks
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    [General] the way forward

    Dear Teachers, Please explain. He,ll negotiate the way forward with them or what is the way forwar. What does the way forward mean? thanks
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    stand the test of time

    Dear Teachers, explain please. Our alliance will stand the test of time. thanks
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    press for time

    Dear Teachers, explain please. we are a little press for time. what does it mean? thanks
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    Reduce sb to tears

    Dear Teachers, Please explain. Abid slapped her and she was reduced to tears . What does reduce to tears mean? Thanks
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    Back home

    Dear Teachers, Please explain'' back home'' in these sentences. 1. His injury back home is recovering. 2. The economy back home is improving. Thanks
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    In the sense that

    Dear Teachers, Please explain. What does in the sense that mean? Does it mean 'because of ' thanks
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    Forbidding cost

    Dear Teachers, Please explain. It is indeed a forbidding cost. thanks
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    The Media Magnet

    Dear Teachers, Please explain. The media magnet Mr. ABC. What does the media magnet mean? thanks
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    For your taste

    Dear Teachers, Please explain. If 'because' or ' since' are too simple for your taste you can use given that or in that. What does ' for your taste' mean? thanks
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    Dear Teachers, Please explain. She is a bit offside. what does offside mean? offside i always hear in sportsbut outside sports what is offside. thanks
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    Steer the ship

    Dear Teachers, Please explain. Steer the ship thanks
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    Resist the temptation

    Dear Teschers , Please explain. I couldn't resist the temptation to open the door. What does resist the temptation mean? Thanks