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    Well, today I'm writing to ask you about a doubt I have: is it possible to use a contraction in the sentence "There are four children playing football"? I mean, is it grammatically correct to write "There're four children playing football"? Thank you in advance for all your assistance.
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    Hello. I was reading an article in a book, and then a bumped into "deliberately". The full sentence was: Torsten could guess from a mild expression which suddenly came about on Judy's face that she had mistaken him deliberately.... Due to the context, I figured out that "deliberately"...
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    Present and Past Mixture?

    Hello... I would appreciate it if you could explain me the following: Which of the sentences below is correct? Which one should I choose? Why? I misunderstand the instructions you gave us. I misunderstood the instructions you gave us. I know they have different meanings, I must have made...
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    Letter of advice

    I would like you to check this comp. of my own, as I would like to see my mistakes... Dear Hugh, Your last letter was charming and all of us were glad to hear from you again. I am writing in connection to your request. Therefore, I will write some pieces of advice that you could take into...
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    What can I do?

    Since I have memory, I have been very talkative. So, during my English lessons I was one of the most speaking students. However, last year I had a teacher that talked to me in a rude manner so I was not allowed to speak so much during the class. She used to shout: 'Who is the teacher here? Do...
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    International Travel

    I created this composition on my own, so I would appreciate it if you could check it and explain in case there is any mistake.(The bibliography is under the text) Thank you in advance. INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL IS BECOMING EASIER, FASTER AND CHEAPER FOR MANY PEOPLE Is this good? Nowadays, we can...
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    Letter of Complaint

    Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to express my total dissatisfaction with the "Beautiful Japanese Figure" I recently acquired from your mail-order company. As I think the catalogue was definetely misleading, there are some points I need to talk about. First of all, when I opened the package I...