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    (a) high blood pressure

    Hello, How would you complete these sentences with A-AN-THE or nothing? 'I have .....high blood pressure and ...... constant headache.' 'The top lifts up to form ......screen.'
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    I remain, &c,

    hello, I found this phrase "I remain, &c," at the end of a formal letter. What does it exactly mean? why the symbol & is used? what does "c" stand for? I predict it means something like faithfully but I want to learn the details if possible and also is it OK just to write "I remain," without...
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    fragrance or scent

    hello, is there any difference between fragrance and scent? (i.e. can we say fragrance is usually manmade(produced) but scent is natural (scent of a woman!) and do both refer to pleasant smell?
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    which one is correct?

    hello, which of the following sentences is correct? and why? a) "The thing which I most dislike about her is her..." b) "The thing which I dislike the most about her is her..." c) "The thing which I dislike most about her is her ..."
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    phrasal verb

    hello, is there a phrasal verb with three prepositions?
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    hello, when we want to say something is perfect we use something like "ohh, it is four out of four" in my mother thongue (don't know exactly why-guess it has got something to do with music notes) is the english equivalent "twenty-twenty"? can we say "oh it is twenty-twenty"? and what is the...
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    what is the word?

    hello, if a woman had two children,one in 1990 and the other in 1993, how do we say this? I want to mention the three-year span. if she had them in 1990 and 1991, can we say "she had two children in consequtive years"?
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    hello, which one is correct? 1."For 20 years he engaged in charity work" 2."For 20 years he was engaged in charity work"
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    what's the word?

    hello, let's say you've been buying a certain type of coffee brand for a long time. then you discover some unhygienic facts about that coffee brand and you don't want to buy it any more. what is this feeling called? I'm not looking for disgust but something more like feeling cold. thank you in...
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    born to the son of..

    hello, I have 2 questions: 1) what is the function of to in the following sentence? "He was born to the son of a mill worker." why is to used but not as? the version without to is more common, isn't it? 2)what is the word for women or men who really look after themselves e.g. hair care...
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    as if

    hi, is the following sentence grammatically correct? "he starts to smoke as if he hasn't promised" can we use present perfect after as if?
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    a little?

    hello, is the function of "a little" the same in the following sentences?what part of speech is it in the second sentence? thanks in advance. a. there is a little milk. b. he pushed the door a little.
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    neither of them is or are?

    hi, Which one is grammmatically correct? a. neither of them was here. b. neither of them were here. c. none of them is mine. d. none of them are mine.
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    hello, we say "he has a strong imagination", but what is the opposite situation called? context: watching too much tv ........ children's imagination. (the word I'm looking for is not stop)
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    is there a difference?

    Hello, You are waiting for somone's call. You say: "I hope she calls" and " I hope she will call" is there a difference in meaning?