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    At a short notice

    What does 'at a short notice' mean?
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    words with "ship" as suffix

    What does "ship" mean in words like "owernship", "township", "leadership", "traineship" ?
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    [Idiom] As grass that is cut down

    I read this sentence: "Such is life; and we are but as grass that is cut down, and put into the oven and baked." Does it mean that we are not master of our destiny, like a blade of grass blew by the wind ? Thanks for your help.
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    [Idiom] To get upset.

    Hello ! I ask some help to translate in French : 'to get upset' In my book, three men are preparing for a trip on the river. One of the three wants to take plenty socks, in case they get upset. ... and a pair of leather boots as well as their boating shoes, as they should want them...
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    [Vocabulary] One clump on the head

    Hello. I am reading an English book in which the narrator is describing himself like a hypochondriac. At the end doctors and chemists refuse to give him pills and they give him clumps on the head. Those clumps seems cure him but I don't understand what are clumps ?