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  • Hi, Loji .

    how are you, girl?
    I miss you so much !!
    I wish you all the best, dear ;-)
    Hi girl, is that u in the pic? mashalla u r so so pretty. Pray for me please I'm studying so hard.
    Salam habibti ya 3asal
    i'm ok lojina thanks alot dear ,,, i'm fine i was busy ,, and what's happening in gaza make us with low appetite to do anything
    i'm really gonna kill you
    my phone didn't stop ringing
    and i was sleeping ohhhhhhhhhh, if i saw u then i would kill u


    of course i'll come at grad day
    c u tomorrow craaaaaaaaaaaazy girl:shock:

    u'll pick me up from home kekekek:-D
    my car is :shock::shock: u'll see it
    i'll get abrand new caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
    oh yeah:-D:up:
    ok.i know u'll kill me but one last thing

    u'll come to our graduation day right???
    girl,u must come
    the head of E.G.C
    wants to see u and all teachers ask about u

    besides don't u want to see ur pic at the year book
    hi loji
    how are u girl
    where have u been
    u didn't come to college yesterday
    and the last week
    you must come tomorrow
    or >>>>> you know
    you won't get ride of me easily
    i told you
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