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    called for ending

    While Mr. Kan called for ending what he called Japan’s dependence on nuclear power, Mr. Noda has followed the business community in saying that the nation needs nuclear power to prevent electricity shortages that could further cripple the economy. The New York Times Dear all, I often come...
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    [Grammar] They would have learned --III conditional?

    Dear all, I often have trouble with conditionals. While reading the above, I wonder whether the bold part is a III conditional and a conditional clause (if they had got the damaged helicopter) is understood. Could you please explain to me? Thanks. LQZ
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    [General] 300 head(s) of high-grade cattle(s)

    "I'm here in protest, and to get an apology," said Masaki Yoshizawa, who had 300 head of high-grade "wagyu" cattle on a ranch about 9 miles (14 kilometers) from the plant. ABCnews Dear all, Should the bold parts be "heads" and "cattles", since Mr Yoshizawa had more than one cattle? Could...
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    [Vocabulary] would

    Dear all, Could you please tell me whether "would" is a "shift back" of "will" in a reported speech? Thanks. LQZ
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    [General] the month through November 29

    Sales for the month through November 29 rose 13 percent to $13.5 billion, comScore said. New York Times (subscription, free) Dear teacher, I have trouble understanding the part in red. Could you please tell me what "for the month through November 29" exactly means? Thanks. LQZ
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    [Grammar] glare harshest

    While few currently think these two countries have a high risk of defaulting, the spotlight could turn back to Belgium and glare harshest on Italy, the third-largest euro zone economy after Germany and France, if neither can muster the political cohesion needed to assure financial markets that...
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    [Grammar] A rule of how to use "the"

    Dear teacher, I've learned the following rule of how to use the definite article (the). I however ran into a sentence that apparently doesn't apply to the rule mentioned while reading news on the New York Times. Could you please explain to me why "an indicator" is used, not "the...
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    [General] would

    “Anyone would conclude that the peaceful approach is best to reverse the situation,” said Moon Jung-in, a former adviser in the Roh administration. “A hard-line approach is not a real option.” New York Times (subscription, free) Dear teacher, I think of auxiliary verbs as tricky as in above...
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    [General] "ideal" is being used here in virtual inverted commas

    Ideal is the beacon. Without ideal , there is no secure direction without direction , there is no life. Dear teacher, When I was asking a question about the above, a native responsed the following. However, I have trouble understanding the bold part. Could you please explain to me...
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    [Grammar] frustrated with/by

    I am frustrated with/by taking different medicines every week. Dear teacher, Could you please explain to me which one is grammartically and idiomatically correct? Thanks. LQZ
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    The differing use of plurals and singulars in a sentence

    Mr. Baker, the security expert, said: “Israeli agents focus on the travelers’ country of origin, their profession, visas that are stamped in their passports, places they have visited, people they know and the color of their skin. If you say you’re a Renaissance art scholar, they’ll ask you if...
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    [Vocabulary] would

    Dear all, I think of "would" as one of trickiest words in English and it may take times to understand what it exactly means in a sentence. Now I suspect it expresses in above that insistence. Could you please tell me whether my understanding is correct? Thanks. LQZ
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    [General] Meanwhile

    Dear all, I ran into the quoted sentence while reading New York Times. And I am curious to know whether I can recast the following without changing its meaning like the blue one: Original: She spent four years studying for her law degree. Meanwhile, she continued to work at the bank...
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    [Grammar] news crews spent the day massed outside London's various royal palaces

    Meanwhile, news crews spent the day massed outside London’s various royal palaces, interviewing royal experts who speculated on things like where and when the wedding would take place and what kind of charities Miss Middleton would support. New York Times (subscription, free) Dear teacher, I...
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    [Vocabulary] in an age of

    The current government, a coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats that has ushered in an age of budget austerity, has announced plans to cut teaching grants to universities and said it had no choice but to raise tuition. Dear teacher, I have trouble with in an age of. Could you...