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    All skin bags who now have to pay taxes

    Billy: Attention! All skin bags who now have to pay taxes... Please make your way to the dance floor. It's time to shake. After Party (a PC game) It is a party setting and Billy is encouraging people to dance. How can I interpret “All skin bags who now have to pay taxes”?
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    The Recycler, Chunkamunk,Colonel Shitlips

    Intellectual Man: Kappa Sigma gave you a nickname, right? The Recycler? Lola: Chunkamunk. Intellectual Man: Or was it Colonel Shitlips... After Party (a PC game) Lola and the intellectual man are talking about the nickname given to a guy who gave blood and then immediately threw up all over...
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    [General] Update their understanding

    The Finance pathway enables managers in the public sector and not-for-profit sector to update and improve their understanding of financial and economic management. Is "update their...
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    [General] employment with

    Hello, The Field of Anthropology primarily admits candidates seeking a Ph.D. because of the lack of funding for, and employment with, only an M.A. How can I interpret “employment with”? Does it mean few employers...
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    conversation around new media

    Students graduating from the program in Communication and Education have pursued a wide variety of career paths, in accordance with their goals and interests. Some of these include:......Working in government or nonprofit settings to shape the conversation around new media and learning through...
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    Couldn't he have

    Hello, "They tell people not to shake hands and to disinfect surfaces," Simpson says to the camera, adding, "How do I know how many hands have touched this money?" Couldn't he have just washed his hands after touching the money? This just seems like Simpson is taking things a bit too far...
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    [Vocabulary] buckled in

    [After the collision] John Hutchinson: Boiler room six is flooded eight feet above the plain and the mail hold is worse. She's already buckled in the foreaft. Captain Edward J. Smith: Can you shore up? John Hutchinson: Not unless the pumps are ahead. Titanic (1997 Film) How can I interpret...
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    [General] Just enough censure in itself

    Willoughby: Why? When he is a sort of man that everyone speaks well of and no one remembers to talk to? Marianne: Exactly. Mrs. Dashwood: Nonsense. Brandon’s very highly respected at Barton Park. Willoughby: Just enough censure in itself, hmm? Sense and Sensibility (1995) Willoughby,Marianne...
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    [General] undertaker of a man-servant

    A: I was hoping you would come to me last night. B: I was tired. A: Your exertions below deck would have no doubt exhausted you. B: I see that you sent your undertaker of a man-servant to follow me around, how typical. Titanic (Film) How can I interpret “undertaker” here? Saying "sent your...
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    [General] Swinging around east

    1:30 P.M. Swinging around east toward Chain Shoal bell buoy and the wide and deep channel that parallels Deal Island’s western shore, scene of the skipjack fleet’s annual Labor Day race. Esther C. throwing a little spray now. William Warner, Beautiful Swimmers: Waterman, Crabs and the...
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    [General] arrive for class

    Hello, He is always the first student to arrive for class. (Self-made sentence) Is the part in bold natural?
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    [General] do well/do good

    Hello, “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” Minor Myers Jr What is the difference between “do well” and “do good”? I take “do good” to mean do good for others. Does “do well” mean you are doing well yourself?
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    [General] mark your holiday on my calendar

    Suppose someone told me about his holiday schedule via an email. Here is my reply: "I have marked your holiday on my calendar." Is my sentence natural?
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    [General] picked for crabmeat

    Hello, All the sooks go into the barrels. Upon landing they will immediately be plunged into pressure cookers, stored under refrigeration overnight and picked for crabmeat early the next morning. William Warner, Beautiful Swimmers: Waterman, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay How can I interpret...
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    [General] the line is worked

    Hello, "Immediately prepare to gaff next buoy, which is now close at hand. Thus the line is worked, leapfrog fashion." William Warner, Beautiful Swimmers: Waterman, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay How can I interpret the part in bold? Does it mean shaping the line into a leapfrog shape?