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    [Answered] Just need a help with fill that

    Hi guys, can anyone fill that sentences with those missing words? Cheers for help
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    Essay - need some correct and opinion

    Hi guys. I wrote my first essay ever, I've just started learning english 7 months ago and I didn't have a chance to write it. Could someone post some corrects and give me opinion. What's wrong and what's allright? :) thanks in advance... Would you like to live 100 years ago ? This is a very...
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    Help with passive tense

    Could someone explain how to do this or give me a hand with that? put each verb in brackets into a suitable passive tense The old house on the corner ( knock down )................. last year When exactly ( John give )............ his prize? Most people agree that America ( not discover...
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    Some words

    Hey guys I've got a small request to you, on saturday got a massive exam of my phonetics, need some help from you with these.. I need phonetic transcribe of every word. Will you give you extra bonus, thanks in advance
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    ... following phrases. Just need it to start learning for my next exam. Thanks in advance.. I must apologize profusely for the inconvenience caused by our personel Due to my absence I was not able to resolve the problem which caused all the upset you were forced to take. And...
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    Conditionals - help

    Just started learning it, need help. Thanks in advabce, of course will give some points :) Rewrite each sentences. Use contracted forms Tony would not have crashed if he had been more careful ---- If I had my credit card with me, I would have bought the coat ----- You would not have got...