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    application to university

    Dear you wanted to inform result of attampt for my application to university of Kuopio. I recieved an official letter that they write "you are not accepted to study in our Master's programme". I dont know why I was not the best. Would it be ok if i know what weakness point i had. If i send a...
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    Dear I am interester in to research method, strategic management and project management. In fact, I need study and apply to them but I don,t have enough money? could you help find sites that learn these freely or cheeper? Is there the sites on the net? I konw I must be studied by own self...
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    Please corect my sentences

    This is a short story. please the correct the sentences This morning Lisa Miller was lucky when she was late and missed her bus. Lisa sent a job application to A.C. company last month. They invited her for a job interview this morning at 11 am o'clock. when she was leaving of her hom...
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    how can i earn a acceptable score of reading?

    Dear I took TOFEL test on January but I earn low score. I recieve a report from EST about the test that has said I: There is not understanding of less common vocabulary is incosistanet There is limited ability to understand and connect information, is difficulty recogning paraphrases...
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    correction writing

    DEar I want to promote my writing of skills.So how shall I send my assey to corecc towice a week? Where could i find sites that teach how to write daily? thank
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    Urgent: Please correct my Cv

    Hi I have read a lot of diffrent sorts of material on the internet and on this site about writing Cv, but it is my first exprience. I have revised it times But i need help. I would be grateful if someone help me. Infact, I Exteremly need to improve my Cv . This deadline is to 13 febtuary. I...
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    motivation letter

    8-)Dear Sir/ Madam Extermely need your coments to academic motivation letter. In this have to answer the following questions: Why want pursue studies at the university What are my special strengths What are interest academic achievement What are goals career (This must be about 500...
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    Dear I don't know how use the site How shall I do? coud you possibly send aguidline about how I use the cite. thank