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    [General] What 's the name of the movie?

    Dear all, There is a movie that I watched many times ago, but now is no longer broadcasted in my country. I'm dying to know the name of it to be able to download it. I'll try to tell what I remember from the story and I REALLY hope that anyone can kindly help me: - The movie starts with...
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    [General] I need help in nunderstanding this.

    Dear all, Can you help me guess the meaning of this: {A - WHAT'S 4 FOOT GIVE ME? B - CAN YOU DO 48? A - YEAH.} It's a program a bout interior design. This is just a quick cut to two people remodeling a house. It seems they are doing some pipes. I can't understand because it's not a...
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    [Vocabulary] on the grounds of

    Dear all, What is the meaning of "on the grounds of" in: {THIS INCREDIBLE 16,500-SQUARE-FOOT HOME IS INSPIRED BY LE PETIT TRIANON ON THE GROUNDS OF THE PALACE OF VERSAILLES.} It seems to me that th epalace of Versailles was taken down, and then Le Petit Trianon build instead. But I think...
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    [Vocabulary] chicago-based

    Dear all, Does the adj. "Chicago-based" in "Chicago-based interior designer" means that the designer is from Chicago or that he designs using stuff that have a "Chicagoan nature" or what? Thanks a lot.
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    [Vocabulary] 124 tip

    Dear all, What is the meaning of "124 tip" in: {why not try piping a rose on top of your cake. All you need to use is a 124 tip and fill your piping bag with whatever colour you like.Why not try piping a rose on top of our cake. All you need to use is a 124 tip and fill your piping bag...
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    [Grammar] start to "something"

    Dear all, A surfer says: "So today we start the Double elimination. I start to the second round so it’s pretty hard for me because I will have to do a lot of heats and more I do it the more I feel stressed and tired" I can't get what he means by "start to"! Is it like "start with"? Why he...
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    Mystic and Slingshot

    "I'm just hanging out, drinking some beers and promoting my gear like I’ve got some new stuff out with Mystic and Slingshot" That was said by a surfer who had just quitted the race. Why "Mystic" and "Slingshot" are capitalised? Can they simply be names? Thanks a lot.
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    [Vocabulary] on

    Dear all, What is the meaning of "on" here: {So it’s all a bit hectic today but tomorrow it’s gonna be windy, it’s gonna be on, it’s gonna be epic.} It a trial day where competitors try to be qualified for taking part in the main event tomorrow. I don't know if it can mean "interesting" or...
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    [Grammar] sneak a wave under somebody!

    Dear all, What does it mean in the field of surfing: "I snuck a bunch of waves under my competitor to get my scores in that heat with him" I expected him to say "from" not "under". In both cases how can he steal a wave from another surfer? Thanks.
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    [Vocabulary] 10-second barrel

    Dear all, What is the meaning of "10-second barrel" in context about surfing? "I got about a 12-second barrel on it or a 10-second barrel, so that was a really memorable incredible experience" "barrel" here is a bit misleading, I guess. Thanks a lot.
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    [Grammar] "only into something"

    Dear all, What is the meaning of "and only into something" in this context: {no one really made up much ground on me except for Parko. It’s definitely nice to be sitting in that position at this point with a couple of wins and only into the fourth event now.} That was said by a surfer, He was...
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    [Vocabulary] factor

    Dear all, What is the meaning of "factor" in: {With Mick having won the world title, obviously I’m not getting younger so the focus was squarely on everyone else and not myself so I was able to kind of you know, I don’t know necessarily if anyone underestimated me but for some reason I was...
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    [Vocabulary] set off

    Dear all what is the meaning of the highlighted part in: "So folks that`s all from Switzerland as the kayakers take away their prices and set off on what`s left of the season"said by an announcer in a kayaking championship. I know that "sett of" alone means "to leave a place to somewhere...
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    [General] paying guests

    Dear all, What is the meaning of they’d never try this with paying guests on board ? {The idea of the competition is to lift a boat so high in the water that you can reach a pair of shoes suspended 3 metres over the water. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Many rafting guides take part, they’d...
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    [Vocabulary] fees

    Dear all, What is the meaning of "fees" in: {Hello our favourite viewers and welcome to your favourite extreme fees} That was said by an announcer in a program about ICF Freestyle World Championships 2009. Thanks a lot.