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    If you force it to fly, can you use the word "flown" to describe it as an adjective?

    If you force it to fly, can you use the word "flown" to describe it as an adjective? For example, if we're talking about a number of birds caged some place, after you set them free, can you say "the birds are flown", "flown birds fill the sky"? I looked up the term flown as an adjective and...
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    dentist appointment / dentist's appointment or dental appointment?

    I have a _________ ?
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    ( fair/unfair to ) or ( fair/unfair for ) ?

    I'm trying to say that at this game show, one contestant stole the show so " it's unfair to the rest of the contestants " or " it's not fair to the rest of the contestants " but somehow, it sounds weird in my head? Is it correct? Does fair generally collocate with to or for ? Is there a...
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    What do you call someone who works at a coffee shop!

    But doesn't wait on you. They take your order at the counter and serve your drinks at the counter. I don't mean what I should say when I want to address them. I mean, if I were for instance talking about an incident that happened at a coffee shop how should I refer to the person who works there...
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    it smells like sea, or it smells like the sea ?

    which one is correct?
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    What verb can I use for an actor who played a part of a movie very well ?

    Like he "adopted" the role, but it sounds weird, I want to say he was really into the character, he wore the character, he became the character ... & I want to use it in this sentence "the movie didn't give the actor a chance to ______ his role" ? I need one verb in the gap that'll work.
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    Do you use The or the to mention a title in the middle of a sentence?

    If "the" is the first word of the title of a film or a book for example do I say There is a book called the Sound and the Fury or There is a book called The Sound and the Fury ??
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    we see them do, we see them doing?

    I am confused a little bit, they both sound correct. What is the difference between them? What I want to use this sentence for is a movie review: The movie is about a magician who performs a number of tricks in a small town and we see his tricks unfold/unfolding through the film ..
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    inside cracks of your wall, or inside the cracks of beautiful walls?

    The secret that hides inside (the cracks/ cracks) of beautiful walls what is the correct way of saying it? and is there a general rule I can follow here so I don't ask the same question again, cause somehow both sound correct in my head.
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    Does this sentence sound okay?

    Does this sound okay, grammatically "He put his flesh on me " as in he hugged me?
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    blacker, or more black?

    or are they both correct?
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    the verb "accompany"

    is used when someone goes somewhere with someone else. Now, I want to say that my artwork is accompanied by good writing skills can I tweak the verb to serve in this case this way: The mission is to produce best quality services by accompanying our artwork with writing skills. Does the verb...
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    on level 15, in level 15

    I'm writing a comic, the guy works in the 15th level of the tower, I first introduced my character who works in a business tower and I'm introducing my other character it goes like this "In the same tower, (in/on) level 15, works Fawaz does the sentence in general sound fine and should I use...
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    What is a person who creates concepts called?

    I want to say he is the ______ behind this project ..
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    what can be used as a noun to describe something valuable?

    I am trying to write a little story, and I need a word to fit in this sentence "The necklace that appeared on her neck was a _______" I need a one word noun that means "something valuable, expensive" any suggestions?