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    Begging for Advertising Emails for My Graduation Paper

    Hello Anglika, If I may I'll endorse Tdol's suggestion re: Gmail. I just signed up for it a couple of weeks ago and not one single spam has gotten through. You also get quite a few add-ons which you might find useful. In particular a very large amount of storage space. I am not employed by...
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    the clocks go forward?

    Hi again thedaffodils The saying 'clocks go forward' is a reference to Daylight saving time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . An hour is adjusted twice a year to maximise the daylight time available. Logic will tell you that you can't squeeze more hours in but we do it anyway. A way to...
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    Hello thedaffodils The Victoria Cross - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a medal awarded for valour on the battlefield. Cheers
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    Hello cenerentola, I'll have a go at these for you... opinions may vary but I hope they help. (1) 'Flyaway' as you use it is quite clumsy and not really 'proper' usage, however I can imagine you would be understood in this context. (2) The expression is usually teenage girls, (No 'D' or...
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    Hello rodopa Fly by the seat of one's pants This is quite a detailed explanation. Similar phrases would be 'Winging it' or 'Chancing your arm' and so on which all mean taking a risky approach to something. You might succeed and it feels great when you do, most likely you will fail. Horribly...
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    Is it right ..??!!

    Hello lolitta.s. I will make an attempt to help you with this. My advice may not be comprehensive but I hope it will be useful. :-) I will show my corrections in red to help focus you and my general advice in blue. First of all though, I understand that Arabic is written aligned to the...
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    Suggest me good novels to read

    Hello. I'll happily endorse the recommendation for Terry Pratchett, Phillip K. Dick, Oscar Wilde and quite a few others. I would add 'The Moonstone' by Wilkie Collins, any of the 'Inspector Rebus' novels by Ian Rankin and I would point you in the direction of two sites that you may enjoy...
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    New Members - Introduce yourself here (2)

    Hello everyone. The perceptive amongst you may guess what my name is... I am currently studying for my NVQ level 3 in business and administration and also I am due to complete my introduction NVQ to becoming a mentor for teaching basic skills. As part of the latter I am revisiting my...