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    [Grammar] as do we all

    "He is both good and bad, as do we all." Is it grammatically correct to use “do“ here“? Is it more appropriate to say "as are we all“? Thanks.
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    live dogs

    Quote from Wikiquote: "After all human beings have to live dogs too so as not to know that time is passing, that is the whole business of living to go on so they will not know that time is passing, that is why they get drunk that is why they like to go to war, during a war there is the most...
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    women and children and men who

    Quote from VOA news: "Every square kilometer of territory that's liberated means women and children and men who no longer have to live under the false Caliphate that ISIS has tried to construct. " I don't see why it's necessary to have a "who" here. Can I just leave it out?
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    I am the best president I've ever been

    In President Obama Exit Interview with NPR, he said ,quote,"I'm the best president I've ever been right now." Does he mean that he's best president ever in the American history, or does he mean that he's the best president he himself could possibly be. Thank you.
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    I wish for you that

    Quote from Natalie Portman Harvard Commencement Speech : "I wish for you that your friends will be with you through it all,as my friends from Harvard have been together since we graduated." Is this sentence grammatically correct? Thank you.
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    seriousness for seriousness’s sake

    Quote from Natalie Portman Harvard Commencement Speech : “ I realized that seriousness for seriousness’s sake was its own kind of trophy, and a dubious one, a pose I sought to counter some half-imagined argument about who I was. There was a reason I was an actor: I loved what I do. And I saw...
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    stay right on top of it

    Quote from VOA news: 'All of us can lower our fitness age by staying right on top of it, taking good care of ourselves, especially physical activity. ' What does 'stay right on top of it' mean here? Thanks.
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    abstract from

    Quote from a Harvard open course: On the liberal conception, to respect our fellow citizens’ moral and religious convictions is, so to speak, to ignore them for political purposes, to rise above or abstract from or to set aside those moral and religious convictions, to leave them undisturbed, to...
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    along the lines that

    Quote from a Harvard open course: Fertility is not a condition of marriage, people who cannot stir from their death bed may marry, so she advances all kinds of arguments along the lines that we began last time about what the proper end, essential nature, the telos, of marriage is. Does it miss...
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    At stake

    Quote from a Harvard open course: This was in the Goodwrich case, which required the state of Massachusetts to extend marriage to same sex couples. The court started out, well the court was conflicted, if you read that opinion carefully, the court was conflicted as between the two positions...
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    disagreed with

    Quote from a Harvard open course: Right. Well I think particularly in the US so many people’s beliefs are driven by their religious beliefs and umm like Mark the other day, I’m Christian, I’m Catholic and I had to decide for myself like on a lot of thought, a lot of prayer, a lot of...
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    fit between

    Quote from a Harvard open course: One of them is the moral permissibility of various practices, the other is the fit between certain practices, whatever their moral permissibility, with the honor or recognition that the state should accord in allowing marriage. ... what’s the principle that...
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    go off

    Quote from a Harvard open course: I think that the ideal of marriage involves procreation.And it's fine that, homosexuals would go off and cohabitate with each other but the government doesn't have a responsibility to encourage that. What does "go off " mean here? Thanks.
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    situated selves

    Quote from a Harvard open course: Well, let’s take a look at a short clip from the documentary, “Eyes on the Prize.” Goes back in the 1950’s in the south. Here are some situated American southerners who believe in the tradition, in the shared understandings of segregation. Listen to the...
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    social meanings

    Quote from A harvard open course: Justice is relative to social meanings. A given society is just if its substantive life is lived in a certain way — that is faithful to the shared understandings of the members. What does "social meanings" mean? Thanks.