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  • About me:
    kind-hearted and very merciful.
    I like loneliness.
    my object in this life is to be well-beloved & famous novelist.
    I am not greedy and I don't want anything from this life but to be successful.
    I consider any woman as a mother & sister & aunt no less.
    My mother describes me as an angel walks on the earth.
    My characteristic is the nobility of character.
    I don't adore money at all, but I need it to help others and to achieve my ambitions.
    As for my Dreams:
    1- to be great famous novelist.
    2- to have a wife that has a face like Sandra Bullock.
    3- to meet a Jenni who will give me a small plane which is hidden and can't be seen in which I can travel to any city in this world.
    4- to get any nationality of these: American-British-Canadian.
    5- to have an institute for printing & publishing books.
    6- to see poeple healthy and never get sick.
    7- to see all poeple rich & happy and not seeking money.
    8- to have the ability to achieve the dreams of others.
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