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  • Hi sweety,:)
    My pleasure my friend:)
    I really don't know why my mail don't send!!:roll:
    Is it possible for you send a mail to me and then I reply, Maybe it helps me.:)
    Hi mickel,
    I sent a mail to you, I hope you received it:roll::) Because I received an email which showed my mail didn't send:roll: If you received it just let me know then.
    This is my MSN momo_sami@yahoo.com:up:
    Hi Boy:-D
    I didn't get angry at all. Why did you think I'm angry?
    Nice to meet you honey, Ok I'll add you, But can you give me your MSN again? Because when I wanted add you, There was a report that your Email is invalid!
    But tell me why you are so interested in chat with me?:roll::cool:
    Again thank you for your requested (Friendship):):up:
    Hi mickel,
    I don't know who are you! I'm really sorry, Just let me know you and then add you:-D
    But if you want chat with me, I think here is really good and we can talk with each other:cool:
    I'm 21, I'm from Iran, Studying English (Exam IELTS), Love music and etc.
    What about you, Who are you?

    Good day:)
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