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    Verb or verbal?

    I think calling the infinitive a verb is confusing. That is why the term "verbal" was invented. We say that a complete sentence requires a subject and a verb, not a subject and an infinitive or a gerund.
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    Caulk VS Cock

    For me, "caulk" rhymes with "hawk" and "cock" rhymes with "hock".
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    On accident vs by accident

    A question came up about this usage on another forum. I would like to hear what my colleagues from different countries have to say about these two phrases. Thanks.
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    Four Little Icons

    Where did the four little icons that have started to appear at the bottom of every post come from?
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    business emails

    In the first sentence, "authority" should be "authorities", at least in American English. The second issue of the first sentence is a matter of style more than grammar. You have a compound verb made up of "is being held" and "did (not) sail". From the standpoint of parallelism, that could be...