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    [Vocabulary] specific words..

    Respected, How its possible to make specific subjects and discussion type vocabulary? particular when we are practiceing conversaion.
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    Why using Enlish language jargon?

    When the proper guidelines are not useful why do apply business jargon.:roll::roll::roll:
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    Coversational English.

    Respected, it is very important that uses of words in speaking style and pattern. Why we are not try on its/speech leveling with pronounces and style. Please do needful .
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    Bussines/official Letters

    (Students) How its start with salutation to End of Business Letter and which is short and sweet style of the age...
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    sentenses in pattern

    (students) what is the sentenses pattern as Active and Passive voice...? Please describe in brief. Regards.
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    for best result

    which steps have to be taken by me for improvement?:lol:
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    [General] Business letter writing

    Respested, how and what technique apply at Bussiness letter writing? The language and salutation etc.:up: