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  • I'm OK thanks. Been really busy today. Couldn't get on the net before, and now I am very tired. I'm off to sleep in a minute. Thank you for that poem.
    Hi, how are you? I saw in that Stealing Day, that you wanted to steal thick, black shiny hair.... I have just the same (i am not boasting or self-praising!) What kind of hair do you have by the way???
    Take care!!
    FREINDS (poem)

    Now must I these three praise
    Three women that have wrought
    What joy is in my days:
    One because no thought,
    Nor those unpassing cares,
    No, not in these fifteen
    Many-times-troubled years,
    Could ever come between
    Mind and delighted mind;
    And one because her hand
    Had strength that could unbind
    What none can understand,
    What none can have and thrive,
    Youth's dreamy load, till she
    So changed me that I live
    Labouring in ecstasy.
    And what of her that took
    All till my youth was gone
    With scarce a pitying look?
    How could I praise that one?
    When day begins to break
    I count my good and bad,
    Being wakeful for her sake,
    Remembering what she had,
    What eagle look still shows,
    While up from my heart's root
    So great a sweetness flows
    I shake from head to foot.

    Hope so you'll like it. Take care!
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    :cool: :-D :shock:
    Hi, thanks! Hahaha, it looks mysterious but its only a CAT! How are you?
    TAKE CARE!!!
    Hi Huda. Your new avatar looks great. It is very mysterious. Is that a black puma there? Or maybe it is some sort of wicked witch from wicked west :) I saw you aking somebody what's lol, it means laugh out loud. You probably knew that anyway. I am the one who needs tutoring hehe. Anyway, good to hear from you :up: Take care
    I'm fine, thanks for asking. Bit sleepy now :) It's been a long day for me today. And how is our lovely Huda today?
    Hi Huda, I will do my best to increase the score. Since I've joined this forum I didn't have a single night of good sleep. I am spending too much time on line hehehe. A TV is a chewing gum for the eyes, someone once said. Now I think computer is a chewing gum for the eyes, very addictive.
    PS I am always well, just like you.
    Take care
    Your performance marks in spelling game -- 9.25 out of 10.00! You will certainly try to increase them won't you????

    Here's something interesting. Take a look: The ways we use just one word.

    PROESL - Steve
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