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    Please help me edit my essay!!!

    1. how can I change my theme statement to one sentence? how can I change my theme statement has a strong argument? 2. Are the topic sentences in every paragraph strong enough ?Are the supporting details support the topic sentences? 3. How about my conclusion? The Life of Canadian...
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    Passive form

    The blue colour are my answers. Change the following sentences to passive form. Be sure to keep the same tense! 1. The court will try the case next week. The case will be tired by the court next week. 2. His landlord asked him to move. He was asked to move by his landlord. 3. The heavy...
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    Passive From of Verbs

    The blue colour are my answers, am I right? The agent is often omitted in passive sentences. In the following sentences containing passive verbs without agents, use the verb form required by the time expression. In some sentences more than one answer is possible. Examples: a. The house (paint)...
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    Ugent!!!Sentense correct plx!

    The blue colour are my answers. 1. So far this week,the teacher has given us lots of homework every day. Correct 2.I am in United State for the last four month. During this time, I had done many thing and saw many place. I was in the United States for the last four months. During this time...
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    Urgent! Combine sentences please help

    Combine the ideas in one structured sentence. My answers are blue. 1. Ryan let out a whoop. The whoop was of joy. Snowflakes were falling. The snowflakes were large and fluffy. Ryan let out a joy whoop when the snowflakes were falling the large and fluffy. 2. The aerobics class...
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    Drugs East Hastings Street is the worst area in Vancouver where has lots of drug dealers taking drugs and crimes. In the morning, you can see there are many homeless people returning cans and bottles for money. It is the best time to go to East Hastings Street because crimes usually...
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    Punctuation (Capitalizing)

    Thank you so much!
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    Punctuation Apostrophe

    There aren't of us! - What does this mean??? Sorry! I was missing something... There aren't many of us! Thank you so much for helping me!
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    Punctuation (Capitalizing)

    The blue colour are my answer, Did I change it correct or anymore? Eye contact is an important part of your facial expression. Eye contact occurs when two people look directly at one another. Eye contact can be used to show someone that you are paying close attention. You can also appear to...
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    Punctuation Apostrophe

    Blue colour is my answer, am I get the questions right? A.1. (There's , Theirs) the reason Mary excels in Math. 2. (Ours , Ours' ) is truly an outstanding Explorer Unit. 3. (Your, You're) the person who is always late. 4.(Its, It's) a computer's task to work with information...
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    Punctuating Adjective Clauses <Are my commas put it correct?>

    1. Glaciers, which are masses of ice that flow slowly over land form in the cold polar regions and in high mountains. 2. A rebel is a person who resists of fights against authority. 3. Petroleum, which some people refer to as black gold, is one of the most valuable resources in the world...