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    [Grammar] with cooperation

    Are the following sentences that I have written grammatical? Hope this E-mail finds you well. I have published two articles with Jones cooperation as the following: A.XXXX B.XXXX There are two more manuscripts under review and preparing. However, I have just a problem with native editing of...
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    [Idiom] A short story with Idioms

    I have made a story based on Idioms of unit 1 of Oxford word skills and would like to hear your points. They were running like mad to catch the train without fail. Out of the blue, the Captain order to stop the train just for them. They must lose face in the distance for bothering other...
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    [Grammar] The biomass reduced 10% under A1 compared to A2

    Are the following sentences grammatically correct? "The biomass reduced 10% under A1 compared to A2 on average that shows the negative effects of salinity. Earlier researchers also demonstrated crop’s biological yield reduction under salinity stress. Due to the mentioned reasons in the...
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    [Vocabulary] Desalination and Desalinization

    What are the differences between desalination and desalinization? Is it referred to as the US and UK spelling?
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    [Grammar] I was wondering

    Is the following sentence grammatically correct? I would like to thank you for your valuable comments on my manuscripts and was wondering if you could tell me you are satisfied with them.
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    [Vocabulary] What is the differences between salination and salinization?

    What is the differences between salination and salinization?
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    [Grammar] Recommending

    Is the following letter grammatically correct? To whom it may concern, It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. XXX. I was his supervisor for his MSC thesis. We discussed different aspects of artificial intelligence in water science during his thesis and XXX...
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    [Grammar] Recommendation letter

    Is the following letter grammatically correct? This letter of recommendation is to certify that the prospect student, Mr. Ahmad XXXX, is highly eligible to pursue his education as a graduate student. I have known him for 6 years when he was pursuing his graduate studies at university college...
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    [Grammar] Cooperation with someone to publish articles

    Is the following sentences grammatically correct? "It's my pleasure to publish this article with your cooperation. Actually, I want to revise it and remove any mistakes as much as possible during these days. after that, I will send it to you."
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    [Grammar] inviting someone to the project

    Is the following letter that I have written grammatically correct and polite? Dear GXXX, I hope everything goes well for you. I would like to express a suggestion about a project in order to XXXX assessment by xxxxx software. I will be grateful to do this work with you and some other...
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    [General] Gift

    Is it OK, if I use the following sentences to write on a present for my professor? Dear PXXX This is a gift for you from my country. Thank you very much for your kindly help and support. Best wishes, MXXX
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    [Grammar] would it be possible to..?

    Is the following question that I've written grammatically correct? Is it a suitable sentence if I want to make an appointment with my professor? "would it be possible to arrange a meeting with you this week?"
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    Compred to or compared with

    Which one of the following sentences that I wrote is grammatically correct? 1. They were compared with each other. 2. They were compared to each other.
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    agricultural experimental design

    Is my sentence grammatically correct? The experimental design for this study was split-plots that arranged as randomized complete blocks in three replications and 16 treatments.
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    [Grammar] especially land and groundwater

    Is the below sentence grammatically correct? In recent decades, the pressure on natural resources especially land and groundwater have been increased.