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  • Hey dear, I think U are not on your PC!
    Anyway, Have a nice night and good dreams Boy:)
    Yes, of course U have emotion:):cool:
    I wish U will have a good holiday with your Girlfriends,;-):cool::)
    It's bed time and have 2 go, Do U want 2 say anything?
    Yeah that's interesting, We have holy person too, Who disappeared many years ago, Muslim believes that in doomsday both Jesus and Emam Zaman ( We call him) they will come to the world.
    I thought U get happy 4 became key member, If I knew, I wouldn't say that:roll: Are U a emotional Boy?:roll:;-)
    I think every day is holiday 4 U? Am I right?;-):lol::)
    Hey Boy:)
    I just want 2 say: Congratulations:):-o U became key member:-D:cool:
    I didn't know that:oops: I saw it some minutes ago:roll:
    Nope:shock: U really use them?:roll: So how your brain works when U want study?
    I hardly play, If I have free time why not! I used to play a game (I don't know the name) That helped my brain 2 work:lol::lol::lol::lol:;-)
    I believe that U are really lazy but clever:-D;-)
    Honey what do U do with your brain?:lol:;-):)
    :lol::lol: U mean, U don't want to think:lol:;-) Why?
    U play sometimes with them, Do u win or not?;-):-D
    Because I find some nice dress and she tells me: No my dress should be unique and very special with lots of jewels:lol::roll:
    I hope she finds his favorite Boy,:-D:cool: But I'm not sure, She's ambition;-):)
    I wish she find her man as soon as possible:);-):-D
    U didn't tell me are u playing chess with yourself?:roll::cool:
    My sister is looking 4 nice and unique brides dress and I help her 2 find the best, She kills me:roll::shock:
    Are u playing chess with yourself?:roll:;-):)
    Hi my friend,
    I'm really sorry because last night suddenly i was disconnected and I tried to connect again but i couldn't.:-:)-(
    I like talking to you too:):-D But i just joking about your sentence (We talk a lot anyway);-) maybe I have a long gap, Maybe not, But I'll tell you.
    Now do u like long gap or not (Then you talk less than b4:lol:;-), I think I'm only person who you talk to a lot, Am I right?;-):oops::lol:

    Good day nice Michal:):cool:
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