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    What do you think about that?

    the case is that I don't know the meaning of the words. Then my friend suggested me and said, "..........................., of course!" Which one is correct... consult a dictionary( I answer it ) consulting a dictionary( my first teacher ) that should be consulted by dictionary( my second...
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    is it correct?

    i've ever heard such this"if i knew him, i would have said hello" ... is it correct..?? as i know.... the form is " if+simple past, conditional I (=would + infinitive) I am much obliged to you for your guidance. Thanks.,:-)
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    [Grammar] I've got something to doubt

    I've got this question sounds "there....something wrong with the food" as for me there two option possible: 1.must have been 2.might be my tutor said *1, but why it uses have instead of has? thanks :)