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    please help

    You know there are many skills for the TOEFL. I will try to talk about writing tips here. Notice that in writing we may commit mistakes though we are sure that what we write is not only correct but is also used by native speakers of English. To make sure you do not commit these mistakes...
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    speech act?

    Yes it seems the speaker is recommending volutary work. But he might be also defending the need for voluntary work because I can understand that someone else had suggested that voluntary work is a "stepping stone to paid work". So, the writer is more or less Defending his idea about...
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    Is the word subject correct in this phrase?

    I think you should say "topic" instead of "subject".
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    Could you please edit this paragraph?

    Raymott Angelika Thank you for your help. In fact, I told the writer of the original book that he should point out to the pages from which he quoted those lines.
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    Could you please edit this paragraph?

    Daer Friends I have translated a difficult literary paragraph from Arabic into English. Can you cehck it for me? Regards Mar In his book Al-Bidaya wal Nihaya (The Beginning and the End), Ibnk Katheer hails Imam Abi Al-Faraj Ibn Al-Jazwi: “One of the most celebrating scholars, Ibn...
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    Seem or look

    This is about look. Hope it is useful: used to mean `seem' Look can also be used to mean `seem' or `appear'. When you use look like this, you use an adjective after it, not an adverb. For example, you say `She looked sad'. You do not say `She looked sadly'. You look very pale. The place...
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    A confused question!!

    There are The verb 'are" is plural and therefore the subject must be plural. Note that the usual sentence starts with the subject. However, when you start the sentence with an adverb like "there" then you put the subject after the verb.
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    How to say it in English?

    Good Thank you very much :)
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    How to say it in English?

    Dear Friends How do we say the following in English: "Nothing can happen before its due time." Can I say: Nothing can happen prematurely... Thank you
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    How do you say it in English?

    Thank you Ivan but it is not always made of clay (i.e. pottery). They could be made of crystal, wood, or metal.
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    How do you say it in English?

    Dear Friends I wish to ask about the word to refer to things which you put in a cupboard or at a table for decoration only. These things are like vases, antiques, crystals etc. Thank you
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    related to noun

    Could you please give us some examples of these "confusing" sentences?
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    Few lines for editing

    Thank you David for the remarks.
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    verb or adjective

    I haven't heard of "glass" as a verb nor as an adjective but in the above sentence it is functioning as a verb.
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    Few lines for editing

    Dear Colleagues Could you please edit this for me: Throughout history, the Emirates' woman played a vital social role. Men had to leave their homes and sail in the sea [in pursuit of pearls] for as long as four months leaving the chores of life and family subsistence to be shouldered by...