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    [General] A critical study of Hardy's An indiscretion in the life of an heiress

    Please, I am in a bad need of a critical study of Thomas Hardy's short story An indiscretion in the life of an heiress. do help me in any way to find that . Thanks in anticipation. soliman:roll:
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    [Grammar] correct the errors

    No one said nothing for what had happened.
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    [Grammar] QUESTION TAG

    please help me find a question tag for this statement: Nothing is impossible.
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    [Grammar] Question Tags

    Do help me find question tags to these sentences! 1)It’s been a long time since you’ve seen him,.............? 2)You met him while you were on holiday,.............? 3)I think I’m expected to pick him up,............? 4)No doubt you’d rather he stayed in England now,..............? 5)-Nobody...
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    [Idiom] meaning

    please, what is meant by (fat and greenery) thanks
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    There is no secret between you and me.:hi:
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    [Vocabulary] meaning

    please help me grasp the meaning of this word: (honours calibre):onfire:
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    [Vocabulary] WHAT IS MEANT BY construction cowboys?

    please,help me understand this expression I found in an article in AL Ahram Weekly newspaper:roll: construction cowboys
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    FIND AND CORRECT THE ERROR By the time I was 15 ,my father had been marrying for 30 years.:roll:
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    [Grammar] Question Tags

    He is too tired to drive a car,..............? choose the correct choice: a)isn't he ? b)is he ?
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    find and correct the error

    I fell ill while I was being on holiday . Please give a reason to justify your viewpoint . yours, Mr soliman:cry:
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    [Grammar] SUBJUNCTIVE

    the correct choice for this question is .......... Long............and so continue winning all its matches ! a)may flourish our team b)may our team flourish c)our team may flourish d)our team flourish may
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    [Idiom] . com information

    please ,help me to know the meaning of this idiom (. com information) Thanks in anticipation yours Mr soliman -an academic member:roll:
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    Is it acceptable to use (teached) ?

    Please help me find the truth of a past form of the verb teach(TEACHED)that I found on one of the websites .Mr soliman:lilangel::lilangel::lilangel:
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    Please help me to grasp the meaning of this idiom: what does it mean when we say that a certain idea is as practical as going to sea in a piano?:roll: Mr soliman