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  • Hellooooooooo Nain !!! It`s astouding to get from you request from you - But I`m happy about it !!! I want to know more , as we now friends - for example , what is your interests - I don`t see any in your ^about me^ ?!
    He, he, he......thanks DT. The guy looks sexy.......may be when they throw me out of the current job for spending too much time on here, I too will take up bellydancing....but first I need to develope a belly like this gentleman.
    Hi Nain!How are things with you? I'm sending you a belly dance gift, a male belly dancer. WHAT A SHAME heheheh. How is ur belly man?

    thank you Nain for a nice invitation jajahajahajahsaasajhhs. I'm so busy look!!!


    shukrie atsha atsha
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