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    Which Label is more aorrect?

    Hello all, I'm in charge of posting some labels in my school. I need to put a sign on the teachers' office door. Which one is more appropriate? Teachers Office Or Teachers' Office Thanks a lot.
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    What do Complex Metalanguage and Terminological Looseness mean?!

    Hello everybody, I'd like to know the meaning of the following two phrases. "The text uses complex metalanguage." "The text suffers from terminological looseness." Would you please explain them to me? Thank you in advance.
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    "Hand-holding" in education!

    Hello everyone, I'd like to know the meaning of the phrase "hand-holding" when it is used in educational (e.g. teaching, learning) contexts. Thanks a lot.
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    "Mc" in English names?!

    Hi all, I'm curious about the meaning of "Mc" in some English names. For example, McDonald, McCann, McCarthy, etc. What does "Mc" stand for? Is it somehow similar to the article "the'', but of course it goes only with some names? Thank you in advance.
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    Where should I put these endings?

    Hi.. I'm preparing a short report for one of my English classes. At the end of the report I want to write this ending Prepared by Najma Al What is the best place for this ending? In the right bottom corner, in the left bottom, or in the middle? I'm really confused about it :-(. And I also...