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    Pls help

    I want to write a mail to my boss requesting him to take second round of interview for the candidates shortlisted by me. Can someone help me how formal we can express this?
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    Usage of the words

    Can someone please help to understand where and how to use the below words in writing ? 1. Whereby 2. Wherein 3. Whereas also, please tell me are those words are single word or separate ? Appreciate, if you could help with an examples. Thanks
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    Please correct me if I am wrong on the below mail

    I am writing this mail to inform you that our team associate ( Peter), who newly joined with ABC unit, having deeply worried on his salary credited last two months. Unfortunately, he has not been getting his salary as agreed. I have asked him to contact you about his concern, so kindly check...
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    Please help

    I just want to write a mail to our client saying that we do only skelton staffing tomorrow due to the public holiday in our country.. please help me to write a mail in a professional manner. I tried as below. Is that correct? "We would like to inform you that we do Skeleton staffing tomorrow...
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    Kindly advise on the below mail.

    Let me introduce myself, I am John representing VMU team and I hope you would aware that I was the one who replaced Peter’s position recently. Hence, I would request you to kindly add me in the Distribution list on all your future correspondence, which would make easier for us to complete the...
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    Kindly assist on the below

    " I have got the access to the OCE Printer. Now I would like to request you to provide the Scan access to the same. I have also attached the required approval for your reference in order to proceed with my request." "Kindly do the needful at the earliest." "Thanks in advance" Is the above...
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    Difference between could, would and should

    How and where to use "Could", "Would" and "Should" ?
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    Is the below sentence correct?

    Kindly send me the details of higher studies in SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT & PROCRUMENT STUDIES. Currently am working in GNSA Infotech ltd as a Senior Processing Officer. Appreciate your response
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    Please correct me if I am wrong anywere in the below passage

    As discussed over the call last Friday, would be very thankful if you could provide your support in finding the better solution of improving the “X” mechanism for Greece business with the aid of Sam’s team in Philippines. Also, as I stated, would be arranging a conference call with all...
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    Is the below sentence correct?

    Please note being co-user of the team, you should send the following documents.
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    Please help me to correct the below passage

    I had talked to John today and he confirmed that he is ready to work with "X" team to sort this issue out. However, he also stated that the prime responsiblity to fix the "A" issue in the "NA" region is to be carried out by "Y" team in India and the day to day management activities should be...
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    Use of word "being"

    Can someone pls advise the use of word "being" in the sentence ? For example, 1. A fix for the issue is being implemented by this week. 2. A fix for the issue will be implemented by this week. what is the difference between these two sentence?
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    Kindly assist on the preposition

    What word should be more appropriate after the word "Postponed" ? For example, which sentence is perfect on the below ? 1. The call has been postponed to tomorrow. 2. The call has been postponed for next Tuesday 3. The call has been postponed on 25th Sept'10
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    Is the below sentence correct ? kindly assist

    “Have attached the process document for your review. Kindly check and let me know if I would have missed out anything to mention on the report.”