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  • Hi Nannou! So you'll be on vacation very soon. Lucky you! Mine will be in September. Three more months to wait! Take care!
    Deaaar? How have you been?how are the things at school?we are about to finish the 2.term and we will be having 2months summer holiday.What about yours?I think you have more than 2 terms in an academic year,am I right? ..Nowadays I am busy with evaluating yearly homeworks and projects prepared by students all year long..take great care to my lovely friend ! hugs and kisses from Istanbul !
    I hope you'll have a sunny week and warmer weather! Here the weather is fine for the season, we had a lot of sunshine since the beginning of May, but not enough rain! The forest are burning in the North-West of the province. Today, the wind brought the smoke to Montréal, we had trouble breathing. Good night, dear friend! See you soon!
    Hellooo my dearest Nannouuu!!Thanks a lot sweety! In spite of the bad weather in the first day,it was enjoyable..I do hope you are in good shape..God bless&protect you and all the beloved ones around you...hugs and kisses..
    I am happy to hear from you,Nannou!Thanks dear I hope I would enjoy there,I havent gone yet..this weekend I am going,God willing..Take great care to our lovely Nannouuuu!!!! hugs&kisses from Istanbul...............
    My lovely Nannou! How are you dear?God willing ,everything is fine with you and your dear sister..We miss you much here,take great care!!!
    Sabrine needs all our prayers and you, who supports her, need courage to get through this ordeal. You are the strenght that accompanies your sister in her illness. We are all with you Nannou!
    my lovely Nannou..I've read some comments, you say you are having tough times..Remember,Allah heals all our problems with his mercy and grace..we definitely believe that Allah helps us any moment we are in my prayers..
    Oh,dear ..I am sorry ....I am worried for you...God bless you .Take care :)
    sweety..where have you been???I miss you dear..I am fine thanks a lot..I hope evrything is also fine there...take great care to my lovely Nannou..
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