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  • Hi tzfujimino, I got your reply! Actually, I've just checked and in fact I got 3PMs from you on the 4th and 1 on the 5th. Yes I'm not allowed to access the "moderated posts" either and there've been 4 of them waiting there since kingdom come. Anyway, hopefully Red will sort things out (I clicked on the site you gave). Thanks ever so much for answering me so quickly. Take care! Naomi
    Hello Naomie,

    Since you're in France, you may know how to translate the following French Expression in English:

    "Chacun de son côté"

    Thanks a lot
    Hi, Naomi!
    I think you should use PM.
    Anyone can visit here and read your messages to Banderas.
    I've just read them...:oops:Sorry...I didn't mean it....:oops:
    Hi, Naomi,
    I added you to the list of my friends so that we can talk using PM's.
    Yes, Russian and Polish have something in common but the Polish (who do not speak Russian) can not understand Russian and vice versa. A really surprising is that the Slovaks and the Polish speak two independent languages and yet understand one another (up to 90%). As for the Czechs, it is "only" up to 50%. So just imagine someone listening to a Slovak and me speaking in our languages. And now imagine him/her hearing that we come from two different countries, which have always been independent from each other (I mean no common history). It is just hard to believe.
    How do you find Russian? Easy? It took me aback that you learn it in...France.
    Hi Banderas, I sent that message so long ago I can't remember what I said but it was just to say hello and be friendly. I tried beforehand to send you a PM but it said it wasn't possible to send you PMs. Crazy!
    Anyway, I hope this reaches you. Take care, Naomi
    Hello, Naomi,
    How are you?
    Tzfujimino, told me that you send me an email. I think I did not receive it. I wonder if you could send it again. If it does not work, how about using PM (private message)?
    Hi, Naomi! Thank you for visiting my page!:-D:-D
    I think I learned how to "approve messages." To "select valid messages," you need to click on the box, which is next to "permalink."(top, on the right-hand side) And then, "approve messages", and click on "go."
    Take care!:-D
    Ah, now I understand what you meant in PM.:-D
    I had the same problem when banderas came and left "Visitor Messages" on mine(my page) If I remember it correctly, I think I typed his(banderas's) message(Hi!) in the box...to "approve." ....Sorry, I forgot how to do it!!:oops: Please visit my page and leave some messages when you are free.:-D:-D
    Hi tzfujimino! I can't access your message. It says "This message is moderated" and invites me to "approve messages" and click on "go". And when I do, it says "You did not select any valid messages". I keep going round in circles. It's crazy! Maybe if you try again it won't be "moderated", whatever that means?
    Take care! Naomi
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