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    Hi... It has been a while since my last post. I'm doing English for Written Communication and came across this phrase... 'discourse conventions'.what does it means?Is it the language style associates with the field we are in?Eg,if I'm a lawyer, then I'm expected to use all the legal terms? Thanks.
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    what does it means?

    hi, 1.what does it means by ' fight or flight'? 2.Is there any idiom to describe 'we are heading for the same goal/mission?'thanks.
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    thanks so much.:-D
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    hi, I am currently studying this chapter, auditory discrimination. according to my module,in addition to being classified as voiced and voiceless, consonants are described in terms of a) the place where the sound is produced in the mouth region b) where in terms of how it is produced then if we...
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    pls check my sentences

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    thanks sooooo much!the first one fits very well.:-)
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    pls check my sentences

    hi, im currently doing an assignment.would u be kind enough to look at these sentences; The second is perseverance. As Malaysia gradually transforming, so will the forth coming challenges. We should expect these challenges coming in any form and should be well prepare in order to overcome...
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    New Members - Introduce yourself here (2)

    Hi eveyone, i'm Naza.. a newcomer. i'm not a native english speaker but currently i'm pursuing a degree in TESL as in teching of english as a second language. i do hope to get as many help as i can.thanks
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    Hi... I'm a newbie to this site. pls correct me if my english is inappropiate grammatically or in any way. I'm currently doing my assignment and looking for an idiom means if we give in it doe not means we lose the battle or any idioms that may bring the same meaning. thanks.